Three keys to Wholesome Leadership to create winning teams (179)

Leadership : The art of motivating a group of people or individuals to achieve an objective.

Why use the term ‘Wholesome’ ~ The following words describe aspects of wholesomeness : Considerate, compassionate, healthy, thoughtful, generous, genuine, selfless

Is it possible to get the absolute best out of people if we have a wholesome approach? 100% it is.

The following three steps to create that winning team without being a bullish or a manipulative leader. Through wholesomeness, the team is influenced to give their very best.

1. Identifying talent in individuals

Wholesome Leaders can identify hidden talent and bring out the best in individuals, unapologetically

They refuse to succumb to politics and nepotism.

The greatest challenge to any team building is getting the right people in the right position, not forcing the wrong people in these positions.

There is a huge difference between a person’s personal capacity and their ability to compliment the team.

Some overly talented individuals can be detrimental to building a team spirit if their ego overrides the overall objective.

Wholesome Leaders have an ability to agitate those not suited to the team culture while encouraging others to work extra hard if they fit in.

2. Developing team synergy

Wether it’s a coach, captain, great player or star player, synergy is paramount to a sustainable winning team

Wholesome Leaders encourage all the virtues of being considerate, compassionate, healthy, thoughtful, generous, genuine, selfless not just as the leader, but every team member must practice wholesomeness, no exceptions.

The leverage that is created through synergy gives the whole team a winning edge

3. Creating the winning team

When individual talent is given over to become greater than itself, synergy births a winning team spirit

This team wins before the game or challenge has even begun

Synergy ~ the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

A team begins to walk as one force. It protects each player as important as every player.

The winning team that is created through Wholesome Leadership rejuvenates itself and attracts other key players and opportunities beyond any individual player.

As a leader are you unlocking individuals to be part of a team, community and the greater good?

Perhaps it’s time to grow in the arena of Wholesome Leadership

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