Man to Man – Reflect Reboot Renew (182)

The ability to momentarily reflect on things that matter can save years of agony.

Human beings are terrible at thinking deeply or considering a better way of living. We are victims of our own making and being reactionary at best.

Why is it that the divorce rate hasn’t changed and couples are opting more and more not to get married in the first place?

Why is it senior management or greedy executives have little concern for the devastating outcomes of their short term decision making processes. They fail to reflect and see the effect they have in the livelihoods of innumerable people when profit at all costs is the end game?

Why do we give so much effort to getting ahead when it may cost us so much more in the end?

It’s our innate default system that seems to have an inability to reflect. We get ourselves caught in a corner that we’ve tried to keep clear from. Some decisions unfortunately are irreversible.

What if we could turn this around through the art of reflection?

Reflection in its purest form, unlike any other attribute focuses on the healthiest outcome and not on our circumstances or other peoples problems.

Reflection puts up a mirror that allows us to look into the window of our own soul, questioning our motives.

Reflection can be scary as it reveals in a moment of time aspects of our nature that can be dealt with to stop more corruption and future devastation.

Coming to grips with what we see has a twofold effect.

1. We see how human we are which in turn allows us to see the rest of the human race in their absolute default humaneness, be it healthy or unhealthy.

2. We rethink what we are looking for and hopefully have the courage to let go of unnecessary baggage that got us to where we don’t want to be.

True reflection brings with it a remorse to the point where we desire to start fresh. We give ourselves permission to let go of any ill will that weighs us down. We also give ourselves permission to love our selves and others as we truly want to be loved (unconditionally)

Reflection will begin a series of rebooting, completely upgrading our outlook to life. The renewal we could have only dreamt about will begin in so many areas of our life. We no longer compartmentalise and push down areas we don’t want to address. It’s the beginning of living a wholesome life, free from the past, the what-iff, free from the blame game and other trip hazards.

Are you sick of being a victim?

Now is the perfect opportunity to take the lead in your own life.

Leadership can be a lonely path – Tom Smilovitis LEADERSHIP & Personal Development provides that safe space for you to “Reflect Reboot Renew” Ideal for those aspiring to grow and stay fresh in Leadership & Executive roles, all the way to maintaining balanced lifestyles. In a New World that demands so much of us, it’s my hope that I can equip you with the tools to live a full life in the areas that matter most.

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Who knows what light could come from a chat?

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