Personal Development is no longer an option, it’s a prerequisite to keep our sanity and restore creativity (184)

Personal Development is not what you think it is

As we come out of the Industrial Age of school classrooms, herd teaching and the promise of prosperity if we have the right education; personal development takes on a new role.

The Industrial Age was a mind boggling era dragging millions out of poverty world wide only to drag them back into a poverty of mind. With a roof over our head and food on the table, human beings are hungry for more. We are now at a point of slavery that is hard to define until we rediscover the curiosity of our childhood mind and heart.

The revolt against industrialism started decades ago as the prophetic artists, musicians and philosophical minds warned us of the prisons we are creating for ourselves.

Every day millions of young people are promised freedom when they get their diploma, degree, award, recognition for their hard study only to land jobs that impoverish their soul.

These days if a construction firm is looking for an engineer with distinction they only have to go to a McDonalds kitchen and they are flipping burgers hoping for a break. If they are lucky enough to get an engineering job, they have thousands lined up to replace them.

The advantages of a Personal Development Mindset

Personal Development is more than topping up your education or refreshing industry knowledge. Personal Development is the martial arts of the mind that keeps you sharp and creative.

A personal development mindset is forever inquisitive and creative. This person has very little interest in achieving another certificate, these individuals are hungry all the time to understand how things work.

I’ve attended way to many training sessions that left me empty rather than feed my curiosity. Most training sessions can be captured in a YouTube video, realistically.

The idea of a Personal Development Mindset is like digging wells within ourselves and tapping into fresh water deep within our own soul.

This is the place where new songs, recipes, ways of building cars, buildings come to the surface. This is the place fresh ideas are created that can salvage a marriage, restore human connection and everything else that has lasting meaning.

When I conduct leadership & personal development workshops, it’s my aim to challenge all the blockages that have built up over our life just to survive. I can see the frustration in the eyes of the class who just want the answer (a curse of industrialism)

There is a special Liberty people begin to experience when the inner well which is in all of us begins to trickle fresh water.

It is my commitment to them not to bend to their weakest denominator of comfort and routine but to help them push through to their inner strength, source of power and creativity.

The answer is in them. As a facilitator, it’s my job to help them breakthrough rather than give up and go back to being a slave of the system.

There’s an ancient saying ‘It is useless waking up early, going to bed late, eating the bread of sorrows, God gives His beloved sleep’

The idea behind this saying – We waste so much time just trying to survive, we hardly ever take time to enjoy the process.

Personal Development would have to be one of the most enjoyable ways to grow in every area of life as well as enjoy our sleep. It’s in our restful sleep allow our subconscious to rejuvenate our soul.

Are you feeling dry, empty and lack motivation? Maybe it’s time to active your creativity and restore your sanity!!

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