Is it quiet enough to hear your calling, or are we swamped with white noise mania? (186)

The very notion of considering a calling sounds way too mysterious for some and daunting for others.

We don’t have to be the next Steve Jobs, who was foundational in changing the way we live through technology. We don’t even have to be the next Moses who went face to face with the living God to bring down another type of tablet with the inscription of God’s law.

Why does a calling need to be that grand to be fulfilling?

Both Steve Jobs & Moses didn’t get to see the fullness their calling, they are not to be envied.

Steve died way too early of cancer and missed out on far more than he bargained for.

Moses to didn’t get to experience the promised land and robbed himself of the true calling of life, which is far more profound than changing the world.

White Noise Mania

1. Everything that is pulling you away from who you are in the hope of one day hoping you will be happy with what you’ve achieved

2. The relationships we align with that give us a false sense of identity and security while abandoning relationships that are inherently meaningful

3. Resting mentally in a time or place we believe was the peak of all that we could become. As a result, we repeatedly punish ourselves for our past failure or perceived past failure which cripples us from moving forward.

White Noise is that stuff that fills our head daily, distracting us from completing our mission in life.

Going back to our calling

1. Just being who we are meant to be doesn’t have to be all that difficult if we get some quiet time to listen.

2. Even if everything drops off and we are left with a seed of who we truly are, it’s of more value than all the trappings this world has to offer

3. Your greatness is in being authentic and nothing more

4. To be authentic is one of the rarest commodities known to man kind

Authenticity is often found in the elderly when they have nothing else to prove. Many choose kindness, love, patients, wisdom, relationships as their companions rather than anger, hate, competition, knowledge isolation.

The ancient writings reveal something about the nature of being called and authenticity.

‘What good is it if you gained the whole world but in the process lose your soul’

I think Steve Jobs & Moses would have a lot to say about that.

Your richness starts with you right now, right here, if you dare to look within. You are richer than you could ever imagine if you return to your true calling. (Being authentic)

Have you considered how valuable you are right now?

Perhaps you are looking to develop that authentic life and you feel something is missing. All the popularity and outward success in the world hasn’t filled that void inside of you. I assure you there is an amazing life waiting for you off the grid.

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