Jesus, the ultimate social media expert, three steps to attract lifetime customers from the crowd (188)

In a world addicted to social media and marketing gimmicks; too many of us spend endless amounts of time producing so little from our efforts.

Jesus, the ultimate social media expert. He had three steps to attract lifetime customers from the crowd.

Before we talk about the way Jesus built an enterprise lasting over two millennium; let’s discuss the futility of time wasting and job creation just to occupy time.

It is not important to occupy time, it is important to work towards an objective. There is nothing that wastes more time than the idea of potential without a strategy.

If you pick a mountain to climb, even if it’s Everest, ask these questions before acting.

Are you prepared?

Do you have enough fuel in the tank? This could mean, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, not necessarily financially…

Is the market ready?

You have to determine that if it’s the right time or season to launch.

Is your message simple enough? If you are going to climb Mount Everest, only take what you need. You must ditch the rest.

Where do you start?

These are the questions you have to ask before building a following.

Creating a following is not a Social Media phenomenon as many would have you believe. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Podcasts, Ticktock, etc…

Building a following is as old as time.

Jesus started His enterprise at thirty years of age. He picked the perfect location to declare His offering. He chose a place called Galilee, a small fishing village to start getting a crowd together.

His message was to bring light to the masses, so he chose a real dark place to emphasise his message. He chose a place where individuals struggled to make a living, fishermen and salt of the earth individuals were going to be his first followers.

He didn’t compete with the Roman government of His day. He didn’t compete with the religious hierarchy of His day. The Roman Empire and the Religious Leaders controlled the masses. Much like governments and big tech companies do today. Governments through legislation. Big techs through the control of data.

Jesus picked a market that was not threatening anyone. He picked the poor, the destitute, the blind, the sick, the disenfranchised.

Sometimes the best opportunities are birthed in the most unlikely places.

The following three steps is how Jesus built an enterprise to last

Firstly! He drew the crowd in with a simple message… ‘Have a change of heart, because right here, right now, all the resources of the cosmos are at your disposal’

The crowd loved the simplicity of His message, unlike the government and big techs of today, or the religious leaders of His day! Jesus was relevant, on point. His teaching were revolutionary.

The crowds remarked, that no one taught the same way, He talked with authority and influenced many to change their way.

Secondly, after a season of drawing the crowd, Jesus challenged them into commitment. Without commitment, you don’t have lasting change. As long as Jesus kept giving free meals with His teachings, the crowds would just get larger.

We all get tempted with popularity. Who doesn’t like being liked. Even in today’s language, the like symbol on social media platforms becomes the hinge wether we have something valid to offer or say. But just seeking the like symbol without commitment, is a little vain.

Jesus wasn’t interested in just being liked, He was interested in transforming society and developing wholesome people.

When people are challenged to commit, expect the crowd to be halved and more. Jesus has a strategy to build something to last. He picked the right time to halve or more His following.

In one day thousands left and His following diminished, but more importantly, His purpose grew.

Thirdly, He spent quality time training a handful of individuals throughout a three year period. He then let them take the reigns to the whole organisation.

Without training the next generation or others to take the reigns, the moment we are out of the picture, the enterprise dies its natural death.

Building something to last requires, a crowd, an inner circle and leaders that maintain the integrity of the message.

What are you trying to create, build or achieve that hopefully lasts?

Are you caught in the middle; needing others to always affirm you, or do you have a message or service that others need?

If you have a solution to someone’s life or an enterprise, don’t sell yourself short. Proclaim your remedy from the rooftops. Those that need what you have will hear you and commit to your offering.

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