The moment we stop leading our own life, the cracks begin to appear (191)

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST , ‘The moment we stop leading our own life, the cracks begin to appear’.

As a young person, the very thought of getting old and our body becoming debilitated, seems too far in the future to seriously worry.

In our youth, we breeze through so much. We take for granted the capabilities we have without much thought of harnessing or nurturing them.

If we grasp how nature is unapologetic about our neglect of preserving what is precious, we end up losing far more than we bargained for. If we don’t use it, we lose it. If we grasp this truth, we wouldn’t be so careless about the gift of life.

As an example, if we don’t deliberately maintain our health, we will lose our health.

If we don’t nurture and foster healthy relationships, we end up alone.

If we don’t see a beautiful garden and take time to plant and nurture what we want it to become, we will forever be weeding a dust paddock.

I managed commercial properties and oversaw the maintenance of high-rise apartments for a number of years. It was astonishing to see reasonable and educated adults not understand the fundamentals of property maintenance. Rather than have a long term plan to see their properties hold value through constant care and maintenance, they assumed the properties would last forever.

We often have the same approach when it comes to things most valuable to us.

We assume our marriage will last, without a maintenance and renewal plan.

We assume our children will always love us and respect us unconditionally, without a maintenance and renewal plan.

We assume our workplace will always provide that stimulus of job satisfaction and financial security, without a maintenance and renewal plan.

The list goes on…

Be it our mental, physical, emotional or our spiritual path, never make the assumption, that all will be fine, if we don’t take the lead.

Nurturing and taking the lead, is a must, rather than believing everything will workout in the end.

I am a huge advocate for flow, which is preached big time in the self help circle, however, flow is restricted when we fail to nurture and lead. Flow in and of itself is a recipe for disaster.

Even God, according to Genesis, planned the perfect world in six days and enjoyed flow or rest on the seventh.

Are you taking the lead or are you avoiding the opportunity that is ever before us. Take time to maintain and lead in areas of life that matter most, before the cracks appear.

Even if the cracks are becoming evident for the whole world to see, now is the perfect time for renewal.

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