Today is the best day to be happy, only because life is way too short not to (193)

Welcome to a new episode of TOMCAST, Today is the best day to be happy, only because life is way too short not to.

I sent a message to about fifty of my business friends and associates, wishing them a blessed Easter. I received an interesting response by one of them who is a high net individual.

Hi Tom, the best of the season to you. Ownership is just an illusion, we only have things for a fleeting moment and the more we have the less we enjoy them cheers 🍻

His response triggered my thinking for this blog episode.

Why is it that we strive to attain more and like my business friend states, “The more we have, the less we enjoy..”?

The illusion that fulfilment is out there waiting for us becomes more apparent the longer we strive, the harder we strive, so why do we keep striving?

Maybe we feel the fear of settling if we choose to be happy with what we have, as though being happy today breaks some sort of sacrilegious law.

Maybe some struggle being happy today as though it will destroy motivation for achieving more.

I believe the contrary is true.

Being content (fulfilled) with what we have today has the following benefits and attributes to achieve great exploits in life.

If we take time to acknowledge what makes us happy, it reveals a lot about our make up. It’s at this point, we may need to adjust our values or reap the consequences of them.

Happiness is not something in the never never, happiness is as close as we want it to be.

I’ve seen happy drug addicts or alcoholics as long as the drugs and alcohol are plentiful. I’ve also experienced happiness to a degree, like the drug addict or alcoholic, when everything goes my way. How am I or you better than the addict? What if life throws us a curve ball, can we still be happy?

How do we become happy today?

1. Look how far you have come and celebrate regularly junctions of achievements.

2. Bring others with you on the path, you can’t celebrate happiness alone.

3. Setbacks aren’t failures, they are new pathways being formed for greater outcomes that lead to happiness or contentment.

4. Don’t take yourself so seriously, most success is a condition of luck and favour. We tend to forget how we stumbled into the opportunity and how others opened doors on our behalf.

Happiness therefore is a state of mind. It was Saint Paul who described contentment, not as a destination but a state of being. He confesses how he reached great heights of success and failures that should’ve destroyed him yet in the process he discovered the secret to contentment.

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”

Paul reveals life’s journey is not about attainment of something but an evolution of becoming a complete human being. To be complete or find happiness today comes at the cost of letting go of false ideas of what happiness is and what it is not.

Do you find yourself wanting more and like my business friend says, “The more you have, the less happy you become”?

Maybe it’s an opportunity to reassess life’s value systems and renew your state of mind.

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Too many of us go through life forgetting to dream.

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