Dealing with the NOW GENERATION. Life’s delays aren’t life’s denials, patience is gold (195)

Welcome top another episode of TOMCAST, dealing with the now generation. Life’s delays aren’t life’s denials, patience is gold.

Consider the interesting phenomenon to this generation which some may coin as the NOW GENERATION. An article about modern day packaging of goods, giving us some insight into the NOW GENERATION. They suggest that even the packaging must be gratifying as much as the product is.

Millennials care about the outside packaging as much as what is inside.

Growing up in a generation where patience was a much needed virtue just to survive, we desperately waited just for the fruit regardless of the packaging.

The local fish and chips shop would pile up old newspapers to package the product, saving every penny they could.

In a world of abundance and prosperity, we often forgo elements of life that create great moments that are to be savoured and cherished.

We inject everything with speed hormones or chemically enhanced fertilisers to get more with less. We also do this to our body, mind and soul and forfeit the real meaning of timing is everything.

It was a great wise king who said, “timing is everything” ~ Solomon

A time to be born, a time to die

A time to sow, a time to reap

What we struggle with when it comes to timing, is the process.

Life is the process between being born and dying.

Growth is the process between sowing and reaping.

It’s in the living of a full life that makes death sweet.

It’s growing in all maturity that produces the most beautiful fruit.

The virtue of developing patience while we live a full life and grow in all maturity produces satisfaction during the race not just at the finish line. These individuals become influential right through their journey.

The NOW GENERATION gets obsessed with appearances rather than substance during the process so they try to speed things up before their time.

They say oak trees take between twenty to thirty years to produce fruit. The very thought of waiting decades to produce virtues of true meaning is so far out of the minds to a generation that can click and collect almost anything.

Unfortunately, no one can get instant wealth of wisdom despite the vast amount of instant knowledge. That knowledge must be proved through life experience to produce wisdom.

For all that it’s worth, my mother was right long before I gave her credit. The older she was, the wiser she became. Her few words became like hammers of meaning the older I became, go figure?

The virtue of marriage in its fullness can only be realised in decades of health and sickness, for poorer and riches, in good times and in bad.

Friendships that become stronger than blood are forged in war zones of victories and disappointments.

Sometimes the best thing that we can experience in life isn’t just the birth of a new opportunity but the patience not to rush, like we have done before. Perhaps this time we will slow right down and enjoy the journey rather than hesitate to get to the destination.

With absolute certainty, the fruit will be all the sweeter if we reach the end and patience becomes an overwhelming characteristic of our being rather than just the project itself or reaching the end becoming the total focus.

The thrill of savouring every moment of victory rather than just rushing to the next big thing, seeking the unfulfilling and empty rush.

With over eighteen years of pastoring people, ten years of property management and the last few years of leadership consulting, patience would have to be the one area most ambitious individuals struggle with; yet patience is that one quality we all desperately need to maximise quality of life.


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