The Ancient Facilitator: A wedding planner’s nightmare, a calling to create the greatest experience for all participants (196)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, The ancient facilitator. A wedding planners nightmare. A calling to create the greatest experience for all participants.

There is nothing better than a well orchestrated event, yet few appreciate all the behind the scenes effort to create it.

In the modern world of shallow experiences, we hardly appreciate what a real event looks, feels and tastes like.

As a result of not appreciating the outcome of an event like an ancient wedding, we fail to take away the sacredness of its intent.

What’s the role of a facilitator? Especially the facilitator’s role from an ancient wedding. We ought to apply their gifting and talent to the modern day world of events. The ancient facilitators created events with a lasting effect, unlike the minimal transforming fabric of modern world shallowness and independents. The ancients thrived on the idea of creating lasting community from their event.

The ancient facilitator’s role!

1. They help a group of people work together

2. They understand common objectives

3. They plan meticulously how to achieve an objective

4. They stay neutral throughout the process

5. They glue strengths together and protect the community or group from those who try to hijack the overall objective

Most modern day events are quickly dismissed due to the lack of a lasting objective. Participants generally come to take more than they give. With this mindset in place, most events are as quickly forgotten and all the preparations leave Facilitators wanting.

Let’s have a look at a real life changing event looks like, an ancient wedding.

1. The event itself would be over a festive week in length.

2. The preparation would take years to raise the funds.

3. The objective would bring not only two people together, it would join families and the whole community would participate.

4. The master of ceremonies or the ancient Facilitator would be a miracle worker to pull this off.

It’s interesting that 2000 years ago, Jesus chose to perform his first miracle at a wedding in a small village called Cana.

The one thing we can take away from the ancient story is. They ran out of wine some time during the wedding week which would bring shame to the Facilitator and the hosts that resourced the wedding (The groom or father of the groom). It would also change the mood of the festival event.

Mary, the mother of Jesus picked this point in time to reveal the purpose of Jesus and the importance of finishing the wedding better than it started.

Mary knew the objective of being a wedding planner and as a result, the wedding took an incredible turn, better than anyone could plan.

Jesus turns the water into wine, all 600 litres of it. Six vessels used for ceremonial water were transformed into new wine.

For those of us that endeavour to bring hope to other people’s lives through our choice of being facilitators, even we fail from time to time no matter how organised and efficient we are.

It’s at these times, we are able to approach the ultimate Ancient Facilitator. If our intention is to create a better world, bring people together and pass on timeless values, expect surprises along the way.

Just like the wedding in Cana, for those of us who exercise faith, hope and love, expect the best days of life to always be in front of us l, no matter how old we get.

God saves the best till last, be it in friendships, marriage, community, if we allow Him to.

I’ve been a Facilitator of sorts for decades, trying to bring good ideas and people together. I can truly say the older I get, the more experienced I am, I still leave room for God (The Ancient Facilitator) to surprise me with the outcome.

Maybe you feel like an empty vessel, you may think the best days of your life are behind you. I assure you that they are not if you activate a new way of thinking and believing.


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