We don’t have a skills shortage, we have an ethical training shortage. The skilled are not passing on their knowledge (197)

If the skilled have no compassion or ethics, the world will forever have a skills shortage.

There is room for so many more to prosper, according to their hunger and ability to skill-up. So why is there always a skills shortage?

Not enough ethical common sense trainers.

My father who was a Pastry Cook by profession shared with me how apprenticeships were nothing more than slave labor in his day. Dad would go on and explain “The Master of a trade would give all the menial jobs to the apprentice for years before they even learned a worthwhile skill. The idea according to the Master was to teach the apprentice discipline in the mundane to test one’s character.” Dad would then laugh and explain how corrupt these men were, they just passed on work they didn’t want to do themselves, revealing their lack of character and discipline!

Dad without hesitation would show me skills as did my uncles and cousins at a very early age, bypassing the hypocrisy of so called Masters of a Trade. Whatever they did, they gave me the opportunity to try anything if I showed curiosity.

Men and women like my parents and close relatives were a great example of what a mentorship or apprenticeship should look like in the modern world.

These types of skilled mentors didn’t fancy themselves as gatekeepers of all that is scared, they acknowledged the importance of passing on skills in order for everyone to prosper.

Human beings have a tendency to withhold knowledge and skills for only one reason, self preservation. These types of individuals have crept into positions of power and have created a poverty mindset of scarcity. (Greed thrives on the notion of scarcity)

Scarcity Mindset bastardises Community, Industry and Commerce endeavours.

Scarcity Mindset looks for ways to pervert opportunities, competition and prosperity for all. These attributes are as perverse as poisoning waterways or harvest fields to create competition, only to lift prices of goods and services, so few can prosper.

The opposite is true as well

The ability to up-skill and train the next generation only enhances quality of life. Individuals that are skilled can negotiate their way from one opportunity to another.

Skilled individuals are like well trained hunters or professionals. They are sort out, they also create new streams of prosperity.

What parent doesn’t want their children to be more successful than they are?

Perhaps we need more leaders of multinationals or in government or in a local businesses with the heart of a healthy parent. Individuals willing to pass on skills rather than withhold them.

Just like my father’s illustration of Mentors in his day, I hope the world rids itself of those who are just hirelings without ethics. When it’s about purpose and not just a payday, a revival of skilled individuals take over and bring prosperity to all.

Even Jesus in his day said “The harvest is truly plenty, but skilled labourers (Ethical Teachers) are few”

He started a revolution by training ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

Maybe you’ve never considered the notion of scarcity, which will forever hold you to a Mental ransom of poverty. This is where worry takes ahold of ours lives without logic.

We have been created to prosper, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It starts by passing on our skills. It is better to give than receive.


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