Leadership; embellished and over-talked; under demonstrated; largely misunderstood (198)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, Leadership; embellished and over-talked; under demonstrated; largely misunderstood.

It’s often the ones that lead that aren’t recognised and those that seek recognition of leadership, just don’t lead.

With catch phrases like ‘Being led up the garden path’, meaning someone has wasted our time and energy or has deceived us through their influence. It’s not a surprise many don’t like the thought of being led.

Leadership is far more complex than telling others what to do or guiding them down a path.

Leadership in its simplest form is navigating oneself and others to the best possible outcome with the least cost.

The notion of winning where only a few benefit, can’t be seen as wholesome leadership.

Terms like Industry Leaders ought to be lightly praised. Often Industry Leaders channel their skills to benefit specific industry stakeholders at the expense of massive collateral damage.

Or yet another term, Leadership Strategist, win at all costs. These individuals have no hesitation wiping out the whole chess board pieces to get a checkmate. As long as the king is still standing, this type of leader fancies themselves as a leadership expert.

The very idea of a leader not having a following or not being able to influence their peers without fear tactics has misunderstood what it means to lead.

True leadership or what I like to coin Wholesome Leadership is a long game, if we are to produce the best outcomes for as many individuals possible.

Wholesome Leaders take others as they are. They take them on a journey with or without their permission. Wholesome Leaders choose who they want to work with and don’t take no for an answer.

1. They will work on building trust through example-ship.

2. They will be as transparent.

3. They will be impartial.

4. They will be persistence.

5. They don’t lose the objective of the journey.

6. They definitely have thick skin and soft hearts.

If you ever come across this type of leader, you’ll note that they mix at every strata of society and they don’t need a title nor do they ask for permission to lead.

If you would like to know more on how you can grow in your wholesome leadership journey, it starts by giving a dam. Wholesome Leaders prefer to win the person, not the argument or the perception that they are more accomplished than those they seek to influence towards greater outcomes.

Everyone has a wholesome leader in them, maybe discover how good a wholesome leader you can be?


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