Networks that flourish. It’s always about drawing the right type of people, beware of the birds, rocks and thorns type (200)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST, Networks that flourish. It’s always about drawing the right people together. Beware of the birds, rocks, and thorn type.

In thousands of years, it is clear that human beings haven’t evolved much when it comes to types of people.

The idea of creating a flourishing network or community is as old as time.

In modern days we use catch cries like ‘Finding our tribe’ or terms like ‘likemindedness’ to find our type of persons that make us feel normal or a sense of belonging.

An ancient parable or analogy describes four distinct types of people which reveals something about every human being on earth.

I believe we all experience the different types within ourselves and also see them in others as we mature or seek to become whole.

The parable of the farmer

A farmer sowed seed to reach a maximum harvest, much like any business owner or community group. The intent is to become as influential as possible.

Some seed fell in a pathway and the birds came and ate the seed before it germinated.

Some seed fell in between rocks or shallow ground and it germinated quickly but it didn’t take root. The new plant shrivelled up and died.

Some seed fell amongst thorns, this seed germinated but got choked in time by the aggressive thorny weeds.

Some seed fell in good nutritious soil, the environment caused this seed to grow without intrusions and it produced thirty to sixty times its original seed.

When you try to build a community or vibrant business, just like the farmer, you spread yourself to maximise impact. As a result you will come across four character types.

1. The bird type

These types come into our investment and just steal our energy, creatively and faith just to satisfy their selfish appetites.

Beware of the bird type, they are quick and have a complete disregard for your vision of creating a long lasting business or community that puts people first

2. The rock or shallow type

These are the ones that come into your world and are filled with excitement. They believe you instantly and promise you the world. These are the ones that take up your energy and before you know it they disappear looking for the next best thing.

Shallow people lack commitment and unfortunately drain devoted individuals that are focused.

3. The thorn type

These are the ones that go the distance to a point but they always struggle with worry and anxiety. They also struggle with the allurement of quick riches and success.

The world is yours for the taking is always in their heart but they struggle to connect in long deep and meaningful connections.

They are isolated and preoccupied with self to be concerned about community.

4. The good ground type

These are the ones that seek a full life. They are resourceful, engaging and recognise that it takes a whole village to create a whole person.

These are the ones that have a long game approach to life and commit to a number of areas to get the most out of life.

These are the ones that become trustworthy. They are sort out for all sorts of reasons because of their solid character.

If we are going to build great long lasting business and community groups, BE the good soil and minimise the bird, rock and thorn types from effecting your objective.

Let’s be honest, we all struggle with the bird, rock and thorn type within ourselves and judging others won’t help us with our desire to be whole.

We attract what we are, so BEING the good soil helps us to keep scattering the seed continually. We will eventually attract what we are. As for the bird, rock and thorn types, life has a way of sifting them out of our life so that we can continue to multiply and prosper.

All the best in becoming whole as you seek to build great communities, make no mistake, it’s a lifetime pursuit.

If you are interested in building strong communities, they require healthy cultures. BE the culture you are looking to establish. The rest is easy.


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