Being a peacemaker isn’t the same as being gutless (202)

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Diplomacy : The art of dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful way.

While the above definition is oversimplified, it does address two key ingredients to diplomacy or peace making.

The art of dealing with sensitive issues between two or more parties.

There’s nothing more volatile than the feeling of being wronged, misunderstood or maligned against. Words are fired and sensitive issues become corner stones to an all out war.

It’s at this point the Peacemakers are called upon to calm the storm.

Peacemakers by nature create impartiality tables. Unlike a judge who yields power or one party or person who gets their way through brutish behaviour. Peacemakers come with one agenda, and that is to keep the conversation going.

Peacemakers help to bring diverse views to the table with minimal hostility.

A Peacemaker has to have a strong sense of self and a broad acceptance to the outcomes, they don’t make it personal.

A person with a big ego or the opposite, one who has low self esteem crumbles under the pressure during the Peacemaking process.

There is a quality that a Peacemaker has that is likened to an Oracle of God. They speak with unusual wisdom and oversight of the situation, always closing the gap between conflicting issues.

If there was an animal that reflects the nature of a Peacemaker, it would have to be a sheepdog. Totally geared to guiding as many sheep as possible to safe pastures while they remain vigilant, ready to defend with their life against predators.

A Peacemaker recognises the wolf in the group and with gusto and expertise minimises the wolf’s voice of influence while bringing enlightenment to all parties.

A Peacemaker recognises misunderstandings between two or more parties. Their aim is to always seek reconciliation by speaking clarity and well-being, with renewed understanding of the real issues that need addressing.

The Peacemaker may prevent a couple from divorce by bringing words of hope to a couple in despair.

A Peacemaker may help misguided individuals bridge broken trust.

Sometimes just having a third party that is not directly influenced by sensitive issues is what stops wars and unnecessary collateral damage between beautiful people trying to defend their position or view point.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, they will be called children of God.

Being a Peacemaker isn’t the same as being gutless. They are courage in action.

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