Not seeing our own reflection in the mirror, the travesty of distractions (203)

The Muse in the fire, dancing to the alluring tune of distraction.

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

Not seeing our own face in the mirror, The travesty of distractions.

We learn to communicate for two things, survival and meaning.

From the urge of eating and basic comfort to more the sophisticated art of being reflective around the meaning of life, communication is imperative.

We accept it when children behave in basic forms of, ‘I want’ but most of us get a little frustrated when adults can’t move beyond the, I or EGO.

In ancient times, the discussion of spiritual elders was around understanding truth and acting on it. Truth or purity by its very nature produces optimism, hope and life beyond just self, or EGO.

Truth opens the inner eye firstly to self, we can call this reflection. The ability to truly reflect allows us to be objective rather than be always at the centre of the conversation. By putting ourselves always at the centre of the conversation, we, like the Muse in the fire, get allured by all the distractions of a disappointed EGO.

I got hurt

I didn’t get what I wanted

I was taken wrong

I’m misunderstood

I’m different

I’m lonely

I missed out

True reflection or having the ability to see ourselves in the mirror, takes us out of the centre of the universe. Reflection allows truth to reveal things that we haven’t seen about ourselves or situation.

It’s the immature person that looks at themselves in the mirror and soon after forgets what they look like, because truth isn’t the basis of what they look for.

The mature person looks in the mirror and accepts the good, bad and ugly all at the same time.

The sooner we can become acquainted with our true self, or seeing ourselves as we are, this will help us not to be distracted with the smoke and mirrors of blame. Blaming others and circumstances prevents us from fully maturing.

It’s only in maturity, we become free from vain pursuits. We begin to focus on reality and reality isn’t as dreadful as we once thought.

Maturity produces quality outcomes that remain sustainable, be it relationships or productivity.

Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and reflect exactly what is.


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