Imagine being born again, is it even possible? (206)

In the early late 60s and early 70s there was a counterculture known as the Hippie Generation.

The movement originated on college campuses in the United States, although it spread to other countries, including Canada and Britain.

Youth as young as fifteen years of age rejected the establishment, in the hope of creating a new world with PEACE at the heart.

They experimented with drugs, relationships and communal living. On the surface, these young pioneers realised it wasn’t too long before human nature caught up with them.

They didn’t possess any more freedom than those who were trapped in the establishment. Relationships broke down, many, through the use of excessive drugs altered their state of consciousness and burnt their brain cells, never to recoup. As far as communal living was concerned, they discovered that human beings are fundamentally selfish and self preservation always ruled.

Wether we are a part of the establishment or we pioneer some new order, we still have to deal with our humanity and sometimes I’m sure every human on earth would like the idea of truly being Born Again.

Being Born Again, meaning, starting fresh, no matter who we are.

A marriage, starting fresh

Friendships, starting fresh

Our own life choices that has led us to the point of despair and disappointments, starting fresh seems just a dream.

Being Born Again can only seem like a dream; and like the Hippie Generation, what if we start fresh in a new direction and it ends up in a disaster?

What the Hippie Generation or any other generation, like the post WW2 establishment that the Hippie fought against, no one had the ability to fight the fundamentally flawed human nature.

Some think divorce is the answer, others think a new set of friends or a new environment is the answer, but human nature remains the same.

Being Born Again, is more than a cliche, being Born Again was an invitation to give up our selfish ways and take on a new nature.

The term was used by Jesus when speaking to a religious man that was seeking keys to life.

Jesus said to him, ~”Unless you are Born Again, you’ll never discover the meaning of life”

Jesus wasn’t talking about becoming religious in any way, or like the Hippie, trying to create a New World Order. Jesus simply dealt with selfish human nature and offered a way to transform selfishness into selflessness.


Surrender our ways to God by acknowledging our selfish nature and asking God to renew the way we think, so we can act differently.

In 1981, I experienced this Born Again transformation and my whole outlook to life changed. Over the years, I’ve been tempted to be selfish for a season and after a season of giving over to self and becoming ugly on the inside, I find myself returning to God to transform me once again as He has done over my lifetime.

Can I encourage you to find a quiet place all by yourself and ask God to transform the way you think and take away the heavy burden of trying to be perfect.

Being Born Again will feel like a piano has lifted off your shoulders.

Life is way too hard trying to do it all on your own, let God help you experience all you were created to be.

At the time of writing this blog, I am fifty seven years of age, my heart is young and my hope is full. I acknowledge the love of God that reached out to me through the gift of His salvation.

When Jesus promised a life of hope by being Born Again, He exemplified it through His death and resurrection.

It’s all a matter of faith, I choose to believe and I’m all the more better for it.

I hope you believe in God like I have and ask for forgiveness. Ask for a new way of thinking and be open to see the world differently. I pray you have a Born Again experience like I have had forty years ago.

My answer to the title this blog, YES, you can be born again. Try It!!

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