Don’t be yesterday’s hero, stay current (207)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

Don’t be yesterday’s hero, stay current.

All to often, individuals get stuck in a time they believed was their peak.

Perhaps it was a time where everything seemed to be working well. Relationships were strong, money was not an object or a hindering factor, opportunity was everywhere.

For me it was in my early thirties. I was an Evangelist for a world wide organisation. I was married, had three beautiful children and I was popular within the organisation, having back to back meetings booked around the world.

I thought I reached my peak, life couldn’t get any better or could it?

That was over twenty five years ago. If you asked me today, do you miss that life? Goodness No, would be my answer. Yet at the time I didn’t know any better. My dreams were too small, my understanding of life was too narrow.

I needed to reach my peak as I understood it to let it go. Often what we think will bring us happiness or fulfilment is nothing more than eliminating what is and isn’t important in life.

If I held onto that season as the ultimate season to life, I wouldn’t have stepped into the deeper things that give me meaning today.

Being yesterday’s hero is truly a sad place to be when being current is ever before us.

The beauty of reaching peaks in life brings us wisdom that very little thrives on top of mountains. The true action is always at ground level where the rest of humanity lives.

My odyssey in my early thirties was wild but it was so disconnected to reality that I became irrelevant in no time.

The true heroes in my opinion are those who get up each day and face the grind of reality. They build solid character, they build solid relationships, they serve behind the scenes, they add value to their world and they do it unapologetically.

It was Jesus who challenged his students with simple lesson to provoke life’s meaning with the question “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul in the process?”

The same question could be asked of us, in our endeavour to achieve all that we think will make us happy. What are you willing to lose?

Some will put everything on the line even their family, friends, faith, good conscience, only to be left empty.

Twenty Five years after my odyssey, I’m happy to say, it’s the simple things that bring meaning. I’m learning day by day to capture these moments.

A conversation with a stranger, a meal with my family, a kiss from my wife, a leaky tap that needs fixing.

I wish you all the best in reaching your peak sooner than later and hopefully you’ll join the rest of us down here on the ground, simply enjoying life as it was intended. Believe me, the mountain top is not where you want to build your life. The air is thin and you’ll be on your own.

Stay current, don’t live in the past nor in the future, today is the day of wholeness.

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