Dear Sales Person, do it with dignity, you make the world spin (208)

When it comes to sales people, they can be treated with contempt, often because of some who have shamed the industry.

These individuals who have shamed the industry aren’t sales people, they are nothing more than self serving wolves in sheep clothing.

A truly authentic sales person matches opportunities with individuals. Their conscience is clean and they can do business for decades without any concern of their name being marred.

The DIGNITY of the sales person.

They create a vision of possibilities.

They risk their reputation as they draw potential deals with individuals that need vetting.

They are loyal to the one they represent, and equally ethical to the one they seek to convince.

The Sales Person thrives on creating win win outcomes, be it real estate, automobiles or a piece of clothing…

The best Sales People also thrive on repeat business, all parties rely on the WORD of the deal maker, being (The Sales Person)

I started my sales career forty three years ago, selling baklava pastries (A Greek Desert) for my dads bakery. I was only fourteen years old and I learned quickly the art form and simplicity of sales back then.

1. Find a product you think people want.

2. Attach a value to the product.

3. Encourage the taste test

4. Always ask for the order.

5. Repeat the process and adjust any of the four above points where necessary.

There’s a Sales Person in every one of us. Some of us, like me have honed it into an art form over forty plus years. I LOVE IT!

The best advice I give to anyone regarding sales or business development…. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!! Sales will become natural after that.

Dear Sales Person, do it with dignity, you make the world spin. Just remember that!!

All the best in making money, keeping it and most of all, making brilliant connections with people along the way.

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