Prayer transforms hopeless situations (209)

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Prayer transforms hopeless situations.

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When I talk about prayer, I’m not referring to wishful thinking or some sort of habitual ritual.

Prayer conjures up so many interesting concepts of humanity.

My first recollection of prayer was my mother. A hard working pragmatic woman who did everything humanly possible to get ahead, but still she prayed.

I’d watch her work two jobs, keep the house in perfect order and quietly say her prayers each afternoon as she exited the house to catch her bus.

In her ageing years, mum would say with confidence “God has seen my struggle, showed pity in me and gave me the desires of my heart”

She wasn’t a missionary, or an orator of scripture, I’m not even sure if she knew any biblical verses, but the woman believed.

Her prayers rubbed off on me for sure. I recall hearing my dad in agony with illnesses too hard to describe. I would’ve been maybe twelve years of age and felt helpless so I’d find a quiet place in my home and call out to God in prayer to heal my dad. I wasn’t raised in church but felt compelled to call out to God and make promises that I’d serve Him if he’d heal my dad.

Little did I know that God heard my prayers and dad would live for another twenty years. Those quiet times with God shaped my whole life and I’ve been praying ever since.

These days prayer has taken on a knew meaning. In my youth I was innocent and naive and my prayers were like a wish list, much like young children are to their parents. These days it’s more about intimacy and the wander of been known by the God of all creation.

I often just feel loved by God and that’s enough.

When I pray with other people, if I can help them connect with the God of all creation, I’ve done my part.

Like my mum, my hope is that anyone who is struggling in life and they start praying, maybe they to will quote my mum.

“God has seen my struggle, showed pity in me and gave me the desires of my heart”

Just find a quiet place and pour out your heart to God. He hears you and will help you.

Prayer transforms the most unlikely people, I know, I’m one of them.

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