We don’t have to be at the mercy of our negative inner voice, why? (210)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

We don’t have to be at the mercy of our inner negative voice!

It’s amazing how much we talk to ourselves negatively and we don’t realise it’s our voice.

We assume that the thoughts we have are real and even worse, we conjure up thoughts of ill will of those that aren’t even in the room.

Our inner voice, if it’s not disciplined can ruin our whole way of life by throwing accusations and judgements from thin air.

A negative inner voice draws from the well of dark experiences in the past and updates those experiences daily. Never escaping what was causes us to be guarded in every conversation, believing the worst could happen.

It is exhausting living in this negative environment and yet it can be addictive if we don’t wilfully break free from its clutches.

Breaking free from an inner negative voice is liberating and it’s possible if some ground rules are established.

1. Are the thoughts we are having based on recent events or conversations. If so, be honest about the current experience and words and deal with them immediately.

2. Associate with those who speak positive words into your life.

3. Be as transparent as you possibly can in your words and actions with those around you.

4. Train your inner voice to create a new world of possibilities. Some people use technics like affirmations to do just that. They literally speak new life into their situations be speaking out what they expect their inner voice to repeat when all is quiet.

Words have tremendous impact, be they verbalised or thought out.

As a Christian, I draw great strength through my beliefs and I open my subconscious through prayer and meditation as a discipline to change my inner voice.

I believe I am unconditionally loved by a benevolent God who gives my hope and joy even in challenging circumstances. I have not been forgotten.

If you feel trapped by a negative inner voice, you have the power to change the tone, the words and the intent of your inner voice and rescript every aspect of your inner world.

Stop the madness now and let the sun shine on your soul.

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