The joy of being a nobody with purpose (211)

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We often try so hard to get noticed, we fail to see its demise if we are not prepared.

There’s a time and place to go on show and there is a time and place to go unnoticed.

Knowing the difference between the two makes our progress sweeter and our impact all the more impressive.

Wether it’s a boxer who dreams of going for a title belt or that business idea that will disrupt the way we live, being a nobody has its merits.

Being a nobody doesn’t mean we do everything out of sight, being a nobody means, few people take us seriously.

Three benefits of being a nobody with purpose

1. We can test the water of new ideas and the hammer of judgment won’t fall on us. After all, we are not taken seriously.

2. We can go faster in implementing strategies, changing courses and growing exponentially. Being a threat to any legitimate authority is minimal, they are too busy and too top heavy to keep up or even consider us a threat. After all, we are not taken seriously.

3. We become the underdog in a world ready to champion us when the timing is right. History records the unilateral enthusiasm when it comes to supporting the underdog.

From ancient stories of David and Goliath, the 300 Spartans, Braveheart to modern cinema, Rocky Balboa… the masses love the underdog.

There is a joy of being a nobody with purpose.

We are the ones always preparing, anticipating, growing. We have a hunger deep inside that just cannot be satisfied with mediocrity.

Don’t underestimate the nobody with purpose, their day of opportunity has an appointment with destiny.

Any champion was once a nobody with purpose.

As a Christian, my obvious champion is Jesus. He came into the world like a nobody. Born in a stable, a carpenter’s son, in a nobody village called Bethlehem.

He was a nobody for nearly thirty years until his time came. Within three short years his message of hope transformed the lives of thousands of other nobodies. Two thousand years later, nobody’s like me are continuing to spread his message of hope.

Can I encourage you to be a nobody with purpose, your day will come.

The greatest threats to a nobody without purpose, is their EGO, which jumps ahead before their time has come. Or it’s their time and fear grips them so they fail to launch, forever being a legend only in their own mind.

A nobody with purpose that is well measured is a force to be reckoned with. They will be taken seriously and will surprise even those that are most prepared but have lost their purpose.

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  1. as always Tom, pouring into people . required and forever appreciated . x

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