Our Traditions are under attack through New Age madness in a social media world (212)

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Traditions are under attack for good reason. Too many people talk about them, few live them.

Growing up in a Greek / Macedonian migrant family, unspoken traditions were a way of life.

In a male dominant culture, where women were treated with contempt if they dared to challenge the patriarchal authority, virtuous women like my mother thrived, how?

Women like my mother were brilliant at utilising tradition to influence and establish a brilliant home front. The food we cooked, the way we communicated, work ethic, religion, family and respect were all part of creating multigenerational sustainable communities.

The church was at the heart of a village with its fundamental message of forgiveness. God’s providence of overseeing our human activity in every area of life was an assurance of peace and good will were in my mother’s heart despite her struggles.

Mum didn’t have any notion of trauma, dysfunctional families, social welfare promises or any other new world development when it came to survival. Mum had traditions. Traditions that held to a basic understanding of human connectivity in close communities.

If you had an issue with your neighbour, family member, person down the street, you had to sort it out. The village had a way of bringing things to the surface in order to survive. These forms of traditions go back thousands of years.

Jesus taught such a tradition, dealing with family or close relationship feuds. If you had an issue with someone, go to them direct and thrash it out. This is the first step towards building strong, open communication between two strongly opinionated individuals. If you can’t get a mutual resolve because of obstinacy on one or another’s part, take your unresolved issue to the public square, where others can assist with a resolve.

Most mature individuals would easily resolve even the greatest disputes by simply addressing them one on one.

In a New Age of madness and the curse of Pop Religion in a social media age, timeless and tested traditions are thrown out the window for cheap likes with no commitment.

Traditions like the value marriage, honouring parents, integrity, family, community are dismantled to the point where we stand for nothing and fall for everything.

Developing convictions of what is worth standing for will be tested. It’s in that very moment, when a conviction is birthed as we go through the fire, we to will be walking in the same footsteps of our ancestors who knew the value of tradition.

I’m guilty of mocking traditions my mother stood for only to follow them decades later when I passed the fire test and understood its value.

Faith, Family and Fellowship are all worthy traditions to develop and fight for.

As for gods of the New Age and Pop Religion, they blow in like the wind. They appeal to prisoners of the mind and promise them freedom without a cost and respect without reverence. Social Media is the perfect environment where these charismatic wizards cast their spells against timeless traditions to imprison their followers even further into the abyss of empty promises.

As for me and my house, we will hold onto traditions that have past the test of time and they will continue to do so long after I am gone.

What do you stand for?

What does your community look like?

Maybe it’s time to revisit some timeless traditions that will help anchor your life if you find yourself adrift.

An ancient virtuous woman – A modern day superwoman

For a brilliant description of a virtuous woman, read proverbs 31: 10-31, which was written thousands of years ago. She was a master at utilising tradition to prosper.

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