The love of money will turn us into mindless zombies (213)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

They may walk, but they are the without soul.

They may eat, but they are never satisfied.

They may be wide eyed, but no one is home.

These are the living dead.

They’ve been bitten by another infected person with the money bug.

It was once said, that the love of money is the root of all evil. To give money more power than it deserves will enthrone itself deep within one’s sub-conscious. It will become the steering mechanism of all decisions.

Well-being is not within the realm of more money or wealth. The only governing force of someone that has been bitten by the money disease is MORE!!!

Like the Zombie, they live to infect others.

Money should never be given the human emotion of love. The moment we give over to money and its accumulation as the end goal, money becomes the master.

Money dictates what our thoughts are, what pleasures we chase, our values come to the surface, our friends or the lack thereof become evident.

Money is a horrid taskmaster and like the zombie, keeps us in the dark if we give over to its alluring force.

Kings have been cursed by it.

Homeless people have been cursed by it.

The love of money has no respect humanity, it’s an insatiable force wants us all to be subject to its slavery.

The only remedy for us that have been bitten by the Money disease 🦠 can only come through rethinking the following.

Does money own us or are we mere stewards of all that we have? A Seward understands, that we own nothing, we are simply caretakers of all that we have been blessed with.

We can’t take it with us

Being a steward therefore frees us from ever being controlled by our bank balance, it’s abundance or lack thereof. If we have been gifted with the ability to create wealth and we desire to live a full life rather than be a victim of the living dead, ask, what difference are we making in our world.

That’s the only measure of true wealth. The more we create and the more opportunities we have to enrich others through our abilities, the richer we become.

If it’s a matter of accumulation as the end goal, we are poorer than the poorest on earth.

To be a steward that is wealthy, starts today, reflecting on everything that is in front of us. How is what I have enabling me to benefit my community?

If the answer is disproportionate to what we believe that we deserve and our sense of true happiness and satisfaction isn’t there, have a change of heart and start giving.

You’ll find true happiness is right in front of you. Start today, not some day.

Control money by lowing its status to a tool, not a god; and be free from its power.

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