Honour others despite them, it’s a reflection of you (214)

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The choice is always ours to make

It’s just a matter of time and we are irritated, discouraged or disappointed by everyone around us at some point in our lives, what then?

The notion of honouring others helps us to stay even keeled.

Fact is, we too have irritated, discouraged or disappointed everyone around us at some point in time. Be they our closest friend, family or work colleague.

Having an ability to see ourselves introspect-fully in the mirror, it’s not that difficult to honour those around us.

Daily we can make choices to expand our circle of influence and bring along with us others that see the world differently to us. If our point of differences cause us to shrink all the time, ask the question, are we honourable people.

It’s easy to love and honour those that continually affirm our sense of being, a child can do that. What’s challenging is, honouring those that seemingly work against us, but not necessarily. This mature approach allows us the opportunity to see the world through the other person and respectfully learn from them.

Honouring someone doesn’t necessarily condone or align with all the virtues or beliefs of the other person, it just allows a relationship to bloom at the right time.

If a marriage is to bloom to its fullest experience, honouring ones spouse is a prerequisite.

If a parent or children are to experience the fullness of their maturity, both parties must let go of unreal expectations and continue to honour each other’s paths.

This is especially true in the work place. People come and go, and the art of honouring those we work with makes life pleasant or tormenting.

Life has a way of blessing honourable people. It reflects way beyond their skill set and they will hardly struggle to find meaningful employment, business opportunities or anything else they are seeking in life.

Dis-honourable individuals will forever be chasing their own shadows of the mystical world where they enthrone themselves over anyone else.

Honourable people have thick skin and soft hearts as opposed to dis-honourable individuals who have thin skin and hard hearts.

Take time out today to bless someone. Perhaps a friend, family member, work colleague or stranger.. it will bless your soul often more than it will the one you are reaching out to.

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