‘Isn’t it great getting old’ (215)

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Someone asked Bernard Shaw what, in his opinion, is the most beautiful thing in this world.

“Youth,” he replied, “is the most beautiful thing in this world—and what a pity that it has to be wasted on children!”

When I think of all the energy I used going in all sorts of directions in my youth compared to today, it astounds me. Was I more effective then, not really. Was my quality of life better then, not really. Did I influence more people then, not really.

The tragedy of my youth was clearly the wasted energy of worry, negativity, ambition and failure. It often takes long stretches of repeat mistakes before we acknowledge paths we no longer wish to travel.

Ask an older person what they miss mostly in life?

I’d suggest it would have to be relationships. Social Connection with family and friends.

I met an older lady a few days ago and she made the comment ‘isn’t it great getting old’. She said it with such enthusiasm you just had to believe her.

Getting old has its setbacks for sure. Our bodies aren’t what they used to be.

What I think this lady meant when she said ‘isn’t it great getting old’; you get to sift out all the dead weights and hang ups life has thrown at us and you can finally just be.

It’s a beautiful observation to see those who age gracefully. They walk through life with their metaphorical understanding of value likened to diamonds, a classy wine and a forrest. The constant pressures didn’t kill them, they just sparkled more. The hidden years of ageing created a smoothness and quality of life few get to experience. The seasons of life with all its hale, rain and sunshine produced the wisdom of the ages.

Yes, I to agree with that lady’s conclusion ‘isn’t it great getting old

Advice to the next generation. You too will be here before you know it, joining us who are ageing. Please slow down, laugh more, smell the roses 🌹 and don’t take yourself so seriously. Most importantly, value people more than things. You will surely age gracefully and be the envy of everyone.

Have a blessed day

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