Focus on the solution, not the problem (216)

Tom Smilovitis BIO

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Don’t underestimate the value of a seasoned facilitator. They are often lateral thinkers that see the solution where others are stick with the problem.

‘Call me insensitive but I’m only interested in hearing the problem once. Our next conversation has to be about solutions’ ~ Unknown

I’m not sure who quoted the above but it resonates with so many of us who are not interested in talking about what’s wrong with the world without providing a solution.

Providing a solution can be both simple and complicated and it depends on the attitude and capacity of an individual or group.

A solution can seem simple if instructions are clear and everyone is accountable. A solution may appear clear but proven to be difficult when those giving the instructions don’t see the whole picture.

If the aim of every problem is to provide pragmatic solutions then those who are ultimately held accountable must be able to see the whole picture. A solution may include the synergy of different stakeholders, therefore the facilitator must work impartially to bring all parties together.

The facilitator does not focus on the problem but seeks to unlock bottlenecks that continue to allow the problem to exist.

A well seasoned facilitator will often offer a solution that can seem risky, unrelated or too comprehensive to those that are only part of the solution.

The facilitator threads people together with their various abilities in order to bring about the best outcomes. It’s not uncommon to see a seasoned facilitator utilise the skills of a novice with a great attitude rather than an expert that refuses to be a team player.

The best solution to any problem is seeing that problem in its entirety and then breaking it down to small components. This will create the required synergy and culture that feeds into problem solving by every individual rather than blame shifting when things go wrong.

A seasoned facilitator owns the problem, carries the weight of responsibility and exercises the required authority to make things happen.

Being proactive not reactive is fundamental in being a facilitator.

Some people are geared towards problem solving. They add value by contributing through their actions rather than simply offering advice.

Next time you consider the services of a consultant of any sort, choose the one that understands where you are going rather than the one who just does what you ask. A true facilitator will provide insight, opportunity and solutions beyond the immediate problem at hand. They seek to understand the origin of the problem and new pathways that prevent cyclical problems raising their ugly heads again and again.

It’s never to late to learn the art of problem solving. The world has way to many that see the problem but don’t know how to bring the resolve, making them part of the problem.

A problem solver gets in knee deep being part of the solution, they have very little time to be part of the problem.

Take time out and bless someone today and be part of the solution.

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  1. thank you Tom for always providing great wisdom

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