We all have an unedited version of ourselves, that’s probably the best version (218)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

On a regular basis I get to meet people from all walks of life; as usual we try to put our best foot forward in communicating who we are.

Unfortunately, when we do such things, people miss out on who we really are.

If it’s just a matter of making a quick sale or providing a quick service, projecting ourselves as someone we are not is a given. I just think it’s a missed opportunity to provide a lifetime of genuine contribution to those we meet when we treat ourselves like a product or service.

I have made that mistake again and again over the decades and finally came to a place where this had to stop.

These days when people engage me, as often as is possible in the very first meeting, I allow them to see a complete picture of who they are dealing with.

By doing this, they don’t get surprises along the way.

They’ll know that I am a Christian.

They’ll know that my faith governs my actions.

They’ll feel uncomfortable to some degree, thinking I’m trying to convert them and they would be correct.

After the formalities are over, they also get exposed to my complete commitment to their success.

I try to understand what they are looking for in life and provide avenues to make that a reality, all the while being governed by my faith.

It doesn’t take too long for them to feel comfortable with me and my quirky outlook to life as I am with their quirky outlook to life.

We’re all a little quirky, that’s the way God designed us. Unique in every way.

Don’t spend your whole life being anything other than who you really are and adjust accordingly to become what people see.

This is what integrity looks like.

You get what you see.

There can’t be anything more attractive in a human being than getting what you see, warts and all.

This is the unedited picture of me and my dog doing a selfie. It looks just as good as the headline picture. Its probably more real, because my dog hardly ever listens to me and this picture reveals that.

I pray you have an awesome day being you.

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