Three Laws to Mind over Matter – God’s blueprint (220)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

We often attribute reality to the world we see, rather than reality being the world we create with our mind.

A promise of a new world through thought and speech. Thinking through, speaking out and acting on God’s blueprint must produce fruit that matters most.

Talk is cheap, show me the desired outcome. We get what we think and say.

A new reality through three simple laws

1. Law number one

We have control over the thoughts that run through our mind.

Not every thought needs our full attention.

Our thoughts are conjured up by

a. Our past and current experiences

b. Our knowledge that is stored up

c. The voices of all those around us, be it a loved one, enemy, our work space, the media etc..

We have full control which thoughts we use to create reality.

Our reality does not have to be another’s version of who they say we are.

2. Law number two

We must deliberately structure our life through thought and then activate it through speech.

Speech and the written word have an incredible dynamic to them. They solidify fantasy from reality.

What we think and say produces what we physically see.

When we think and say negative words, we activate matter into our lives to bring those thoughts and words to life.

When we think and say positive words, we activate matter into our lives to bring those thoughts and words to life.

3. Law number three

Free Will is at the centre of all thought.

Unlike computers, we are not preprogrammed what to think, we have Free Will.

We are not machines. The difference between humans and artificial intelligence is, we are not artificial, we are real.

We are created in God’s image, having all the attributes of God. An ability to create through thought and the spoken word.

The only difference between humans and God is, we are not God and God is God.

We are to give homage to Him as creator of all which gives us access to His authority over all.

A full demonstration of God’s work in the area of Mind over Matter was exemplified through the life of Jesus Christ.

He spoke healing into the sick body and the sick were made whole.

He spoke to the storm and the weather patterns changed by His word, the storm calmed.

He defied nature by walking on water and many other areas of the natural world.

He ultimately defied death, speaking about His own resurrection. He offers forgiveness of sin and the promise of a new life to anyone who believes.


Friends, marriages, families, communities… can all do with forgiveness on a regular basis.

New beginnings through a new way of thinking.

The greatest gift He gave to humanity was the Free Will to accept His forgiveness. Through His forgiveness we can tap into this whole area of mind over matter.

He gives us an ability to fully control the way we think. As a result, we can create new thoughts, pure thoughts filled with hope and optimism.