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Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

My dad rarely danced, but when he did, he did it with soul and spirit.. a great way to live. If you are going to do anything in life, do it with all your heart.

Popularity is the least of my concerns, influence is where its at!

Can I influence you in such a way that you dare to view the world differently, even for a moment? From there it’s really about influencing you to be optimistic, hope filled and pragmatically making things happen.

I write as an outlet to what I do, not just what I think. Thinking alone is futile, thoughts must be tested. My blogging is an extension of my wild upbringing in a migrant home, my community work and business dealings.

Growing up as a Greek/ Macedonian migrant in Australia, story telling is in my blood.

My family, especially my father and uncles were the most charismatic oral story tellers that stirred the imagination. I’m just following in their footsteps.

Ironically, the very idea of blogging is laughable. I failed school, leaving at fourteen years of age. Teachers encouraged my friends to keep away from me because I was a terrible influence.

I’ve never been one to conform, I love the idea of transformation rather than compliance.

Rather than relying on the gift of verbal communication, I started to read and write at seventeen years of age. My teachers were partially correct, I’ve always been an influencer.

People and life experiences are my huge interest. Blogging and writing is my way of sewing it all together in the hope of being a positive influence in someone’s life.

English is my second language. I have no formal schooling and I’m married to an English Literature Teacher. The odds are against me.

Blogging and writing is still one of my worst fears. I battle with it continuously in order reach further and add value to the world. I’m getting better by the day and hope to be a ray of light in your life through my quirky views of the world.

I encourage you to face your fears head on. By doing so, they may give way to greater opportunities in life.

What hinders you from all that you dream about?

Dream big, act big.

I have an incredibly blessed life by the Grace of God and my following tag line is my everyday experience.

“Stirring the imagination – Connecting people to possibilities”

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