Meetings that kill the spirit – 3 Lessons to maximise a meeting (223)

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There is an art to the meet and greet.

The look I have when I’m in a meeting without a purpose. So much can be achieved by less meetings and more importantly, when meetings do happen, what’s the objective.

Three types of people when they meet for the first time!

Balance is always at the heart of a great meeting. Some meetings are too hot, too cold and just right. Knowing the difference helps us from wasting our energy and time of meetings that lead nowhere.

3 types of meetings..

1. The need to become best friends

This is the meeting that happens when two individuals or a group meet for the first time and everyone feels the need to become best friends.

This type of meetings often ends with lots of laughs, open conversation, confessionals and that feeling of joy, but it leads nowhere.

Both parties don’t know where to take it from there other than make a cordial relationship.

How much cordial relationships can one handle. Not everyone needs to like us to make a meeting meaningful.

This is more of a social gathering rather than a meeting with purpose.

2. The need to feel superior than others in the room

This is the red tie, high powered, chest beating meeting where the top dog has to come out on top by the end.

These meetings rarely go anywhere other than Ill will and the taste of gravel in the mouths of those that attend.

In fact this is not a meeting, it’s a dictatorship. One rules and everyone else yields.

3. The desire, the will and the fortitude to get things done collaboratively

This is the meeting that has a punch to it.

There is an obvious objective

There is an obvious leader

There is an obvious team

There is an obvious outcome

This is the meeting that lends to it each and every strength of those attending. No one sees themselves better than the other.

There is an ease to give and to celebrate a victory together.

This is the meeting that gets things done ✅

This is the meeting I long to be a part of or set up.

You don’t have to like me when we first meet, but you will appreciate me when we work together.

I want to be the person that gets things done and I love being around people that get things done.

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