You are busy, what’s the point? (224)

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There was a time when I wouldn’t even look up at the sky to notice the stars, birds or the splendour of a sunrise. I was way to busy for superficial things like that. I had a world to reach, people’s lives to save, I had a mission and nothing was going to stop me, until?

Every morning the sun shines bright, yet few appreciate its splendour. Often clouded by responsibilities and a life that is caught doing things that don’t matter.

I woke up one morning and lost it all.

Imagine working so hard that your vision becomes so singular that you miss everything that you are supposed to be seeing.

The beauty of starting again.

1. You don’t lose your skill set

2. You don’t lose your motivation

3. You don’t lose your creativity

Starting over does something beautiful.

You have a chance to be twice as effective, half as busy.

It’s the Winter experience of losing everything that prepares you for a new Spring season, allowing you to sow on fresh ground for a sustainable harvest.

It was Jesus who said ‘What good is it if you gain the whole world at the expense of losing your soul’

The implications are devastating.

Like me, many of us who are high achievers, disciplined and ambitious end up losing the race, why?

I believe it’s because we are running in the wrong lane!!!

Our talent is spent serving the wrong master.

The best days of my life have always been the day after the worst days of my life.

The worst days that led me to the wall where I crashed and burned helped me to reflect, reimagine and renew my commitment to things that matter.

1. Living with a clean conscience

2. Being in right relationship with my loved ones

3. Using my gifts to make the world a better place

4. Taking time to enjoy the sun rise ~ the proverbial, taking time to smell the roses 🌹

Unfortunately, this truth can’t be taught, it must be caught.

I hope you have an amazing day enjoying things that matter most.

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  2. so true , don’t count the days , make the days count

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