Street Preaching – The art of creating street CRED (225)

The art of developing street credibility!

You have to find that place in life where everything just makes sense to you, no mater how bazaar it may appear to those around us.

I remember as a teenager walking through the streets of Perth and hearing a street preacher for the first time.

He was an elderly Indian man called Ted Jackson, heavy set, with a voice of an Ambassador preparing you to meet a king.

I was only seventeen years old and I was fascinated by this street preacher’s absolute confidence in the message he was declaring.

His message both entertained me and made me think of God’s existence.

In the coming months I came across other people sharing their faith; from the Hare Krishna crew to Mormons and the rest of the religious smorgasbord peddling their message. The Indian Street Preacher was definitely different and he left a lasting impression on me.

It was only a matter of months before I ended joining a progressive christian church. Some may call it an old school hallelujah gospel church, others, just another sectarian offspring of Christianity. To me it was the perfect community that was doing something about what they believed and they had to let the whole world know.

Street Preaching really appealed to me, I don’t know why?

My second radical experience of a street preacher was an evangelist called Larry Reed. He was a former heroine addict and spent over sixteen years in the notorious San Quentin State Prison in California. He was invited to preach in our small congregation back in 1981, and when I heard him preach, an embryo of my calling germinated.

Larry could hold an audience wherever he was, be it the streets, a beach front or from the traditional pulpit.

All I saw was courage, hope and fire in the belly. Young and old gravitated to him. Believer and unbeliever gravitated to him.

He was a walking miracle of God that was undeniable.

Deep down inside that’s what I wanted, I wanted to be a walking miracle that gave everyone I meet courage, hope and place a fire in their belly.

It wasn’t too long before I just copied what Larry Reed did. I’d preach in the streets, in front of night clubs, at the beach and at University compasses. The more I did it the bolder I became.

God showed me very early in my walk with Him that I didn’t need to be a converted heroine addict or criminal to inspire others. I just needed to be authentic.

Forty years later, the very DNA that of my initial Street Preaching experiences have never left me. Perhaps there’s still a Street Preacher in me that needs to go out again in the public square or a beach front and Preach my message of hope.

Who knows?

How do we develop art of street credibility?


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