Volunteering that doesn’t cost isn’t volunteering (226)

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Volunteering your time, talent and labour in a noble effort is one of the most effective ways to create good mental well-being for ourselves and the greater community.

Let’s first dismiss what isn’t volunteering.

Taking time and effort to benefit ourselves isn’t what I would call volunteering.

Learning a new skill that takes time and effort isn’t what I would call volunteering.

Offering our time, talent and effort for an honorary role or title isn’t what I would call volunteering.

Offering our time, talent and effort to benefit others in its purist form is what I would call volunteering.

Most parents fit this role.

Some grandparents, children and siblings fit this role.

Some friends fit this role.

Rarely will we find individuals that serve to benefit others, where the reward or recognition is simply to see others blessed as the reward, is enough.

Why volunteer at all if the reward seems fleeting and intangible?

The true volunteer feels the obligation to give back to a society that has somehow blessed them.

The true volunteer has the necessary skills and they make the time to share.

The true volunteer has a priority and understanding that life, like nature, is cyclical. If they don’t invest in others they end up alone and miserable.

My mother said to me on many occasions before she passed “I gave while you were a baby. I protected and fed you so that one day when I become a baby and need to be protected and fed, you’ll be there for me”

Truer words have never been spoken!!

The heart of a volunteer will always give more time and effort than they feel they can afford because of the unseen rewards life offers them.

Maybe they have tapped into the benevolent nature of the creator that always gives back one hundred times plus the seeds that have been sown.

If you are going through a difficult season in your life, may I suggest volunteering your time, talent and effort in a noble quest greater than your immediate needs and wants.

Serve others and allow the benevolent creator to bless you when you least expect it.

Volunteering will always cost you!

True volunteering will always pay great dividends!

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