Nineteen Years ago I had no choice but make them FIRE me! (227)

Welcome to another episode of TOMCAST,

What do you do when you feel cornered, and they give you an ultimatum?

You can survive any storm if God is the foundation of your life.

Nineteen years ago I made a conscious decision to stand up for myself and see where it all leads.

What was on the line?

1. My livelihood

2. My community

3. My sense of purpose

Up until this day, I had the world at my fingertips. For over twenty one years I served within the organisation without even a blemish against my name. Why give it all up out of principle?

At thirty eight years of age with a young family to raise, a wife and children to protect, it all came to a head.

My brothers became my worst nightmare, turning their backs on me to protect their future.

I was to go it alone with my young family and carve out a new destiny. One that had no security only opportunity.

I won’t go through all that happened other than, we survived the mental and emotional storm that lasted for years.

Ironically, it was a GOOD SAMARITAN BUSINESSMAN, with no affiliation to a religious organisation that saw my plight and rescued me. He had the means and the heart to bless a stranger. Like this GOOD SAMARITAN BUSINESSMAN, I’ve stumbled on a handful ever since. Each one providing the means with their gracious hearts to propel me in my calling.

God truly does move in mysterious ways and I’m a testament to that. Maybe God is trying to unlock you to, from the prisons we create. Like me. God may use the oddest situations and individuals to do just that.

God used Pharaoh to bless Joseph, and God used Joseph to bless Pharaoh in the common good of rescuing a family and a nation.

Be open to God’s surprises!!!

Today, I’m so grateful that I chose to make a stand.

It created in me a resolve that has never disappeared. My conscience is not for sale.

No matter what you feel you are going through, sometimes it feels so overwhelming, that death seems to be the alternative option. Unfortunately I went through that valley and I thank God I kept going.

Nineteen years on, I can assure you, the sun will still shine each and every day. I tend to see it more and enjoy it more than I have ever done.

If it doesn’t kill you it will only make you stronger are words few can say with conviction, but these words are so true.

I pray you have a blessed day and that you keep on going till you pass through your current valley. There’s a beautiful place waiting for you on the other side.

A very cryptic blog I know, but I couldn’t even begin to express how blessed I am today for standing my ground.

My theology today comprises of two commandments, which Jesus taught. Love God, Love People, from there the sky is the limit in what you can achieve.

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  1. Praise God and power to you in you values and beliefs

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