When meeting someone new; the first fifteen minutes count, I throw God into the equation, how awkward (229)

Within fifteen minutes we surmise people and situations, why not surprise them and be transparent in that first meeting.

There is no doubt about it, I love what I do. I have a passion to see people prosper in every way and I love property, equally seeing how I can add value.

When first meeting people, it’s not uncommon to put our best foot forward and project the best version of us.

The best version of us may be our current success or perhaps hide our failures so we don’t get judged unfairly.

Some of us have perhaps evolved from the concerns of what other people may think of us and we may appear curt, disruptive, arrogant or presumptuous.

I vacillate between being professional in every way, eager to amuse or get the interest of those I meet for the very first time. I do know how to draw people out into a healthy vibrant conversation to see if there is any mutual opportunities we can work on. I also don’t want new connections to get the wrong impression of me so I go straight for the jugular vein, often within fifteen minutes of the greeting.

It’s important that I don’t waste anyone’s time and even my own time, so I blurt out something about God, Faith, Jesus, Love, Hope, Forgiveness etc.. within fifteen minutes.


For me, it’s about making the best use of my short stay on earth 🌏 and maximising my God given purpose while I’m here.

I want those I engage with to know that I’m 100% committed to them not just because I have a particular talent but because my faith is the foundation of everything I live for.

It’s brilliant seeing the eyes and body language when faith gets thrown into the conversation no matter who it is. More often than not, it is surprising to see how many people want to talk about things that really matter while we talk about business as usual.

At first, some individuals feel awkward but it doesn’t take long before they appreciate my commitment to my faith and how they become beneficiaries of my convictions.

Never apologise for being you no matter how weird you think you are. The quicker you shine ✨, the quicker you will attract those that can benefit from your services and the real you.

The first fifteen minutes count.

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