DUST TO DUST – It all ends up in landfill, so why be a slave to the clock? (233)

No matter how much we try to improve our lives, at some point, it will end in the ground.

The modern world in many ways has turned us into modern slaves. The clock keeps ticking and we can’t keep up with it. UNLESS we master our lives again.

What’s the difference between a slave and a master. The slave is forever under the demand (fearful demand) of another order given. The master is the one who gives the orders and leads his or her life according to their own timeframe.


So when you see an Executive tide to their desk or phone, are they a slave or master.

When you want to start that business or try that crazy idea all because you want to be free, make sure you have the right understanding of freedom.

Some people become more enslaved the moment they leave a secure job, because they haven’t mentally conditioned themselves to become masters.

A slave has little to no authority. Slaves also have a hierarchy . Just study prison systems and you’ll see it’s always about being the big dog in an enslaved society.

Slaves are always kept busy for someone else’s benefit.

Slaves are fuel for the system and when the slave has no more energy to give, they are ready for the rubbish heap.

A slave has little value even in an evolved modern society. Don’t strive so hard that you can never be free from that mental cycle that promises freedom but never delivers it.


The master on the other hand comes and goes with far less restrictions.

All humanity, even nature is subject to laws but the master is always learning to discover new laws to live life according to their beat.

We acknowledge the law of gravity that keeps us on the ground. In order to overcome the law of gravity and imagine flying like a bird, we must discover the laws of aviation to fly like birds.

A master is forever looking for new ways to overcome restrictions, boundaries and seeks possibilities.

This is true in every area of life.

A slave is stuck and makes excuses, a master is always seeking a better way and has the freedom to experiment.

Slaves are time poor.

Masters have all the time in the world.

When humans stray from their God given purpose and don’t even consider that we are created in God’s image, we default into survival mode and our life is nothing short of tragic.

Being created in God’s image isn’t just a fanciful thought. It means we are imaginative, creative beings and filled with unlimited possibilities if only we free ourselves from slavery.

Our physical body will end up in the ground at some point so don’t enslave yourself to the physical limitations of life. Our spirit and mind is who we really are and they can never be contained unless we give them over to busyness. What a waste!!

There’s always a better way!!!

That’s how a master thinks.

How about you? Are you a slave or a master?

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