How to deal with a disquieted soul – Stop the white noise (230)

Have you ever felt the constant noise of external judgement and that your every move is being watched. Wether this is true or not, our feelings make this true.

At some point in life all humans face the dread of white noise polluting their every thought.

White Noise is that menacing feeling that invades our thought life from clarity. Some people can be so effected by worry that it paralysis them from moving forward in a positive way.

A friend of mine has a drone and it was so fascinating watching it manoeuvre ever so carefully and skilfully above us. Equipped with the latest technology, it could take photos of a huge region from a couple of hundred metres in the air. It could also go all the way down, just hovering above our heads. The one thing that you couldn’t bare for too long was the noise drones make as they hover and manoeuvre. Like bees in your brain, the noise takes over your thoughts and directs your thoughts to it.

Anxiety, worry, dread acts in a similar way, it projects images of all sorts of things we conjure up in our brain, real or unreal. Unfortunately, unlike a drone, we find it difficult to switch the brain off once patterns of thinking are established. Drones have an X amount of battery life and must be steered carefully or else they crash. Our brain has the ability to conjure up all sorts of imagery that escalate for years if we don’t take charge.

Switching off white noise is paramount to creating a quiet soul, or a peaceful soul.

How do we switch off some of the white noise?

Change what you let in by decluttering your lifestyle.

1. Social Media

2. The six o’clock news

3. Google search

4. Negative associates

5. Switch your phone off

6. Deliberately ask yourself what you want out of life and write it down

7. Stop being so busy, you can only do what you can do

Once you deck utilise, fill your life with what you want or else the white noise will return with a vengeance.

As for me, I’ve made up my mind what I believe about myself and won’t allow others to dictate who they think I am.

1. I speak out very clearly what I believe about myself and life, this helps to distant those who think they get me. No longer do I give them access to my life and their droning white noise.

2. I act swiftly to simplify every aspect of my life. The less I need, the less white noise tries to allure me with temptations of empty achievements.

3. I surround myself with likeminded friends and business associates that are doers. They help to uplift me as I do to them when we go through challenging times.

4. Most importantly, I pray and give the too hard basket problems to God every day. God helps me to discern the difference between real problems and imagined problems I have to deal with.

We all face white noise from time to time, we just don’t have to let it ruin all the good things we fill our mind with.

Act now and don’t be a victim to white noise’s distractions.

Drones are only fun in short spurts, so are wild imaginations.

Keep it real and the white noise fades into insignificance.

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