When Humanity Ignores The Spirit (231)

There is always a tension between seeing injustice and doing something about it.

Image of me having the privilege of baptising one of my friends that decided to go back to basics and not ignore his spirit.

I often find myself in conversations with high achievers and watch them in single focus doing what they do best and avoiding much of what makes us complete as human beings. Myself being completely guilty of such frustrations doing what I love only to see weeds appear out of nowhere.

I didn’t plant the weeds, I didn’t water the weeds, yet they have found fertile soil in my life that was meant for my joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Often, it’s our talent that lets us down and we neglect to nurture everything else in our lives. Our physical, mental and spiritual health gets displaced when one overrides all the others.

In reality, no one can live in a mountain top experience indefinitely. Winning an award, reaching a goal, getting everything you’ve dreamed about can literally be the beginning of our demise, why?

1. We dream to small

2. We neglect our own soul

3. We start to become slaves to achievement rather than see it as part of our life journey

We humans tend to go extreme rather than become complete. We exchange broken relationships, an empty and lonely life for more superficial experiences that leave us wanting.

Why not go back to basics and ask yourself some hard questions about what you want out of life.

For me, I’ve narrowed it down to four words.

Love God, Love People

As I drench myself in the only unconditional love that exists, God, which was and is revealed through the life of Jesus, it’s easy to love humanity with all our problems.

God’s love not only transforms my outlook and personal attitude that I have about myself, it revolutionises me the way I treat others.

God’s love gives me a healthy reverence for life and it helps in my daily disciplines. In return, I hope to reflect that same love to others with the same reverence and personal accountability.

Wether I’m challenging someone who is unethical, breaking the law or disruptive to society, my approach is done in love, all be it, tough love.

Can I encourage you today to find a private place to pray and surrender to God’s love, it will make all the difference in your life.

The attached link is a sermon I preached recently that shared some of this blog in greater detail.

When Humanity Ignores The Spirit

I received the following text today by one of my friends that is a high achiever when I sent him the attached sermon the other day.

I hope you experience the same.

Brilliant Tom.

That’s great to hear.

I started today by cleaning out the spiritul weeds. I prayed and went for a swim in the rain this morning. It was nice. It was like a baptism. I needed to restart.

Your sermon helped me to think about being constantly in prayer. So I’m getting back to consciously thinking about God through the day, all day.

Thanks Tom”

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  1. thank you tom for reminding us, to seek god’s love

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