Nothing just happens – We must visualise, script and act or nothing happens (232)

The very idea of things just happening is myth.

When a farmer looks at their land, they visualise the outcome, the fruit, before they start to labour.

An architect looks at the possibilities of what can be built, they visualise the potential end product before they start drawing.

Why is we think life is any different.?

What do you see in your mind’s eye in the broadest sense of what you want out of life?

What skills do you bring to the vision?

Who do you need to recruit to help the vision become a reality?

When do you want the vision to be a realty?

After asking these and more questions, at some point we need to get to work and make it happen.


You’d be surprised how much you can achieve if you put pen to paper and start outlining what you want.

Once you’ve put pen to paper, ACT!!! Immediately.

This forms the basis of a far greater reality when you visualise, script and act.

You can build that business, lose the weight, buy that first home, travel extensively ect…

The only alternative to the above is do nothing and life will continue to shrink around us.

Start small, just start visualising, perhaps pray and ask God to help you see your future as it can be.

It’s amazing how Jesus was speaking to ordinary people like you and me with profound words when he suggested as well, that things don’t just happen. We must activate life when he said “Ask and you will get, seek and you will find, knock and the doors will open”

In this verse we can see the visualisation, recruiting and activation of life’s opportunities.

Jesus challenges us in the simplest ways to achieve greatness. He even implied through an incredible illustration that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we would be able to move mountains. I believe this triggers faith in every one of us regardless of how small our faith is currently.

I hope you start today by creating a new life for yourself which is within your power.

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