GOOD OR EVIL – The new kings, priests and government agencies will be in the hands of entrepreneurs – Its a scary day to be alive, unless? (235)

We still use antiquated terms like landlords to describe authority. From the days kings ruled the earth as they controlled vast portions of land, landlords as they were known, were the kings enforcers of law, for GOOD OR EVIL.

Priests in like manner tried to control the kings through superstition and moral law manipulation, for GOOD OR EVIL.

Government agencies, a relatively new form of control. Through legislation and constitutional law making reforms, they have power over kings and priests.


There’s a new form of ruler coming, the modern day Entrepreneurs. Business Owners who are fast becoming the ultimate force of GOOD OR EVIL.

Kings, Priests & Governments bow to them. They work outside conversational laws and are forcing current law makers to revisit the jurisdiction and boundaries from which they operate.

They are the modern day Columbus or Pirates looking for new frontiers. It’s hard to determine wether they are GOOD OR EVIL. Their motives cannot be governed by basic laws, so who will bring them to account?

They make life easy at first until we become dependent on them. Then and only then will we know what’s in their hearts, be it GOOD OR EVIL.

How do we escape the control of BIG BUSINESS and make sure we maintain our freedom?

Like the Kings of old who made themselves Gods, or Priests who forced the masses to adhere to superstition. It has always been about an allegiance. Not even the democratic process has escaped this curse of allegiance to pick a side.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus stood up to the Wicked Emperor, The False Priests and The Murderous Government of His day. They held Him in chains to give an account for His life. His only response, Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”


Jesus never put His trust in the ways of this world but ushered in a Spiritual World that was not subject to tyranny.

Jesus would go on to teach His followers to seek this Spiritual World first, calling it ‘The Kingdom of God’. Jesus made the promise that if we were to seek the Spiritual World first, everything else in this world would make sense and we would not be led by fear.

Kings, Priests, Politicians and Big Business will lose their power over your life. God, the ultimate one who controls the universe becomes our authority.

It’s personal and no one can steal this from our hearts.

I started this Spiritual walk over forty years ago and have not looked back. It makes more sense to me today than ever.

Just start by praying 🙏 a simple prayer and asking Jesus to reveal himself in the same way he did to his followers 2000 years ago and see what happens.

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