Let your word be your bond, or just simply apologise if you can’t deliver (234)

There is nothing more enticing than a person’s personal guarantee, especially in a world that promises so much and delivers so little.

People are often frightened of overselling especially when starting out in business. They make promises to potential clients in the hope of securing a contract. These individuals end up creating a job for themselves that becomes a ROD to their backs if they are not careful.

Slowly but surely they begin to let go of details and hope that the client doesn’t notice. The promises they started out with to clients become watered down and they get a surprise when the client shows signs of dissatisfaction.

Rather than being upfront with the client at all times, the excuses become extraordinarily creative. Another interesting observation, the client starts to become the enemy rather than the blessing they once were.

Keeping ones integrity in tact is a matter of our word being our bond even if we can’t deliver.

Your word being your bond will carry great favour throughout your life. You’ll be known as the person that can be trusted with the most sensitive information and a moral compass that is your guide rather than blind ambition or personal gain.

Keep your word and simply apologise if you’ve over committed.

Don’t ruin your reputation!!!

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