A renewed life like no other – Repent & Be Baptised (236)

What if you could be free from the burden of past decisions that you have made that have caused you and others great grief?

What if you could be free from the grief you have experienced because of others who failed to protect you, or even worse, they were perpetrators to your grief?

Either way, the world is filled with grief and there is a way to experience relief, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Repentance is a word that is so misunderstood, especially in a world so sceptical of miracles, super natural signs and the idea of instant change.

The manipulation of modern psychology

The very idea that therapy has to be forever and we are always in a state of disrepair, is a mastermind of modern psychology. The hope of a completely renewed life is just a fantasy. At best, what is offered by the secular world is coping mechanisms.

Even in the world of religion, they to have adopted the same manner of coping. Perhaps it’s the other way around and modern psychology have adopted the curse of endless councillors, teachers and ritual to remind us how broken we are.

Here’s an alternative

Jesus walked the earth over 2000 years ago and declared that He had the power to renew a persons life instantly. He walked along the Sea of Galilee among broken people and offered them hope, unlike the government and religious order of his day.

His first public address along this coastal front were the simplest of all words. “REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND”

He dared to challenge the whole status quo of his society with these eight words.

Repent – Completely changing the way you think by making a decision to do so.

The kingdom of heaven is at hand – The source of your renewal will be an outa body experience. The resource and foundation of your future life will not depend on your past, your current weaknesses, or what other people think of you.

God, the creator of the universe will actively be involved in carving new thoughts, feelings and experiences in your life.

In the same way that our past experiences dictated how we thought and felt, repentance opens us to a new way of thinking which comes with new experiences.

Baptism is simply going public with your inner choice to follow Gods way rather than the ways of this world that left us empty.

I’ve experienced both sides of the fence

I’ve tried living by my own wits, I tried to discipline myself into perfection to the point of madness.

I’ve also surrendered all my failures and the failures of others into the hands of God and repented. I opened myself up to the mercy and power of God to renew my life and He has not failed me.

I remember the day I got baptised at a local beach. I can’t even begin to explain how free I’ve felt ever since. Something religion can’t give, nor any psychological analysis can deliver.

If you’ve tried everything else, try repenting, turn your heart to Jesus and get baptised.

No regrets.

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