Success – The very best of human and God engineering – FAST, EFFICIENT & LOUD (237)

I had the privilege of driving a F430, and the obvious instant feeling of success hits you, if not completely, it hits you for a moment.

The keys from the owner of the car are thrown to me casually, like he’s done this once or twice before. The owner, proud of his collectible, allows others to share in his wins.


It’s hard to explain the success of the Ferrari.

Firstly, you have to be fit or have done yoga to even comfortably sit in the F430. Without any instructions, you have to work out how to start it, then work out the paddle shift gears. The owner wants you to know this car is different!

You felt like you were translated into a video game. Paddle shifts, start buttons, base speakers, no roof, the motor at your head etc..

Tips on how to build a successful BUSINESS, NETWORK OR WORTHWHILE ENTERPRISE

1. Do it fast

The competition is always going to eat at your enthusiasm, talent and brand

Moving faster than anyone else gives you an edge.

Speed gets you noticed.

Get rid of all unnecessary decisions or decision makers.

Don’t second guess yourself, nothing more dangerous than making decisions at high speeds and not sticking to them.

When driving the F430 it’s only right that you went as fast as you could, just because you could.

Be different, be faster than anyone else just because you can. Surely your business will thrive in a world that makes excuses why they can’t deliver on promises.

2. Be Efficient

Efficiencies come through practice and readjustment.

Get rid of every weight that has no value.

Get rid of every system that stops producing.

Allow those who have reached their use by date to retire with dignity.

Be brutal about what stays and what goes.

When driving the F430 it was evident, every square inch of space was considered in order to create a car with a class of its own.

3. Be LOUD especially in a Tesla world

Being LOUD let’s people know you’re coming

Being LOUD allows people to consider what you have to offer

Being LOUD, if only for a second gives both you and those watching either a thrill or makes them angry. At least you didn’t leave them empty.

When driving the F430, the noise from its HORSE POWER gets your blood boiling. You know you are alive and it wakes up everyone else around you.

God engineering

Imagine getting thrown the keys from the creator to an amazing spiritual life.

As a Christian Leader and Mentor to the next generation, much of what influences me comes from the teaching of Jesus over 2000 ago. He fulfilled all 3 aspects of success.


FAST – Within 3 years of starting his ministry, his message spread throughout his region. The government and religious order of the day didn’t know how to contain him and his movement.

EFFICIENT – He trained a handful of men to such a degree, theologians and intellectuals for the last 2000 still write books expanding on teachings of what were once just fisherman, tax collectors and tent makers.

LOUD – The masses greeted Jesus like the KING that he was while riding a white donkey into Jerusalem for the Passover feast. When the jealous order of the day threw out threats to quieten the crown from their praise. Jesus in true form said ‘If the crowd stops praising and celebrating, God will raise up the stones to shout praise at His presence.

While the F430 gave me a thrill which is a marvel of human engineering, the message of Jesus has kept me pumped for over forty years. I experienced the transformation of God engineering when I was just a teenager. God’s engineering and recalibration wasn’t just a one time experience, it is a daily work of renewal. God knows I need it, especially when I crash and burn living life to the full.

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of God engineering that transforms you, reforms you and illuminates you, try calling out to God and experience the very best of God engineering.

God throws out the keys to life to anyone willing to catch them. They will go for the wildest ride of imaginable.

Is it even possible that o can throw a F430 and Jesus in the same category.. the things that we see are just a shadow of the unseen.

Human engineering is just a shadow of God’s ultimate engineering.

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