Going temporarily blind when exhausted (238)

Seeing how fast you can go is only noble if you survive

I was sharing with one of my clients how much I love the thrill of speed. My son and I were doing a charity drive promoting mental health in the construction industry some years back. I had the most beautiful BA GT that has always been treated with respect, care and love of any motoring enthusiast. BUT, there comes a time in any persons curiosity that has such a beautiful piece of machinery, how fast and for how long can this 5.4ltr V8 sustain its pedal to the metal in the outback desert.

Beach River Desert was the Mental Health Campaign that we did, we covered over 3500km in three days. Things you learn about yourself and others when you push opportunities to there limits.

My client then went on to share some of his extremes riding road bikes which was a perfect illustration for this blog, ‘Going temporarily blind when exhausted’

He asked ‘Have you ever gone so fast on a road bike that you can’t see the road anymore, it’s all just a blur?”

As he shared his story, I had two reactions,

1.Why would you risk so much to see how fast you could go?

2. I envied his experience which is his and his alone, I don’t think I could do it. But I did relate to it in so many ways having achieved goals that nearly cost me everything.

High Achievers can only answer the first reaction and quietly hold on to their experience of the second reaction as their reward even if no one appreciates it.

Going temporarily blind has its hazards in real life too

The curse of single mindedness for prolonged periods of time.

Most career minded individuals know the toll it can take when we are trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Most business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives know the toll it can take to launch and put into orbit a successful idea.

Most mums know the toll it can take trying to raise perfect children.

We can temporarily go blind and ignore the signs on the road that scream danger!!!!

We have to weigh out the risk, thrill and experience with sustainability, mental health and enduring relationships.

Just like my Beach River Desert experience and my client’s motorbike experience, we both had full control of how fast we went and how long the experience was. It was our choice whether we would live to see another day or die trying to go faster for prolonged periods of time.

The Christmas & New Year Season is always a great time to cool the engines of life, reflect hard and reposition for another year of what’s worth chasing and what’s worth leaving behind as just a crazy season.

I can’t stop others from going full throttle in 2022 and beyond, I can encourage evaluating WHY?

I have gone blind a few times in my life trying to achieve more of myself than even those around me expected. I can only say, I thank God He has protected me more times than I care to think of, allowing me room to change and learn the deeper values of life and the people around me.

I hope you take time over the next couple of weeks to reflect, renew and reboot. The power to do that is always in your hands.

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