SOFIA – Applied Knowledge, a fresh way of learning in 2022 (239)

“Sofia, you lived and died on your terms”

2022 will be the year of opportunity as we take back our control of knowledge and apply it to our daily lives.

SOFIA was the name of my mother who instilled a wisdom in me which is taking years to unwrap.

Like name like nature, SOFIA, meaning Wisdom.

Wisdom ~ A quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement. Simply put, an ability to apply knowledge to our everyday life. Sprouting information not lived out isn’t wisdom.

In 2022, I will be teaching a fresh series of Leadership & Personal Development thoughts from the perspective of my mother’s generation who survived and thrived out of unspeakable tragedies.

Sofia Smilovitis died at the age of ninety four in her own house, our family home of nearly fifty years. Her long term doctor whispered in her ear in the last days of her life sharing his great respect for her ~ “Sofia, you lived and died on your terms”. Those words resonated, thinking, how many live a full life on their terms? Mum managed to have her whole family around her, blessed in every way that mattered, leaving behind an incredible legacy, an act hard to follow.

Sofia was raised in a world where every day was about survival, in the mountains of Northern Greece. Whether it was tilling the land, fighting weather, poverty, enduring wars or piecing together destroyed communities through civil unrest, Sofia maintained her dignity. Sofia managed to glean something positive out of every negative experience. A tough but soft women who’s final years bore testimony to one of my favorite quotes from her. “My life resembles a long stem rose, all the way up were thorns, but in the end, God gave me the rose.”

In the coming months I’d like to explore the wealth of living simply and applying ancient knowledge which I will call SOFIA and avoid the minefields of the fast paced digital age. Mum, like my generation grew up in industrialism, we are learning fast how soulless the human experience can be if we are nothing more than fodder for the economic machine.

Disclaimer: I am an early adopter of innovation. I am also one to repudiate innovation that has little to no value in living a full life. Something that has taken me a long time to appreciate. Perhaps, like Sofia, I am learning to glean the best out of all that life offers.

I hope that you also will take time to glean through your life and avoid any extra baggage in a digitally saturated busy world, as you approach a new year of opportunity.


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