EXECUTIVE CONFIDANT – Seek one or be one (240)

How many of us struggle with unreasonable thoughts, thoughts that relentlessly attack the fiber of our being. It feels like we are in a mental prison. A bonified CONFIDANT can help you unlock those mental prison doors by your own hand.

Being a confidant : A person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others.

The idea of having a trusted friend, partner or business colleague to share our inner most thoughts without judgment or recourse is not only enticing it’s outright empowering.

While many claim they operate with this capacity in mind, the very idea of being a true CONFIDANT is not for the light hearted. Staying true to a person when they reveal information about themselves or the way they think often skews even the most noble character.

A true CONFIDANT has the ability to suspend judgement, weigh up information, address hard issues, all the while comforting and encouraging those they serve to stay open.

A CONFIDANT has an objective in to bring out the best outcomes in all those they associate with. They do not seek to fix others, or necessarily be a guide. They have an ability to reflect light in situations while others get caught up in too much detail or are blinded by denial.

My earliest experiences of being a type of CONFIDANT was in high school. I seemed to be able to move from group to group, person to person without any loyalty to one or the other, maintaining a wide variety of friends. Later in life when I was involved in all sorts of outreach on the streets, or travelled extensively around the world, the strangest people opened up to me. It was like these strangers had a moment of reprieve as they shared their innermost uncomfortable secrets. To them, I was an emotional volt with their pain. As they shared and with tears, or shouted their resentment, or vented their frustrations, or felt shameful, a burden lifted of their shoulders. For over forty years I’ve watched this unusual phenomenon and I’m only coming to grips with its real impact in the heart of a person.

It wasn’t until I went through my darkest years and felt the isolation of all my inner demons, fears and shame. The one thing I struggled with most, was trusting someone enough to speak. Not only trusting someone, but trusting someone with enough life experience and character that would motivate me to be authentic and open again. Unfortunately I found no one.

After a complete renewal of my life, I made a commitment to be a CONFIDANT wherever I could, with whoever I was with. Unless you have been through years of despair and have come out the other side with incredible enthusiasm like I have, you’ll never see the value of being a CONFIDANT.

Only those who desire the empowerment of transparency will see the value of seeking CONFIDANTS throughout their life.

These days, I attract the strangest people who have so much success that they have taken themselves out of the simplest experiences we all seek, which is trust. It’s great to watch them open up and regain confidence in areas they once lost.

If you ever want to be a CONFIDANT, you will find it most rewarding, but let me worn you with the following advice,

Never betray someone’s trust, by doing so, you will turn a highly privileged position into a sidewalk tragedy.

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