Unlocking Confidence – Very different to arrogance (241)

Confidence is an attractive quality, whereas arrogance that dresses up as confidence grates on most people’s nerves.

Confidence in ourselves or others is simply an ability to be relied upon or rely upon on without wavering.

To unlock confidence, it must start with a belief system.

How do we see ourselves?

It’s one thing to make bold statements, its another to deliver.

We first must have a basic belief in our abilities or our developing abilities. The mistake of having confidence only in our past success or our current abilities only diminishes our confidence over time. There’s an old saying “If you are not growing, you are going”, which implies that we lose what we don’t use in life.

We must see ourselves in a constant state of growth and development, which maintains our confidence. It’s when we rest too long or we fail to try again that warps our sense of self. This will effect our relationships and how we treat people. Rather than be optimistic, we begin to be pessimists about everything and everyone.

My mother had a brilliant outlook of life that she learned through hardships. Often when advising me on life she would quote the term “Slowly Slowly”. By seeing all of life as a progression rather than a destiny, her words of wisdom encouraged you to live in the moment, take positive advantage of everything and everyone around you. “Slowly Slowly” meant, take your time and keep moving forward and watch your confidence grow in everything you do.

If you want true confidence to unlock in your life, slow down and appreciate everything you have rather than be frustrated about everything you don’t have.

If you want true confidence to unlock in your life, encourage others, no matter who they are.

Confidence is very hard to destroy in a person that has it. Arrogance on the other hand is easily identified when life doesn’t go as we intended it. The Confident person will make seven new opportunities when challenged, the Arrogant person will get stuck on an issue.

We all have the ability to Unlock Confidence no matter what phase of life we are. “Slowly Slowly” start moving again in the direction you want life to take you and watch your confidence grow again in time.

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