Your story is magnificent, share it in an uplifting way (242)

Growing up in a Greek Macedonian home as an Australian migrant was fascinating to me. Stories were everything.

Story telling isn’t always about the facts, story telling lifts our imagination to another level.

My dad and my uncle, dad’s brother were brilliant at sharing stories. They took you back in time with their dramatics, their emphasis on details that were important to them, their humour, their prejudices and so on.

When they started sharing a story they expected a captive audience, that’s how important their words were to them. I for one was always captivated by their experiences only because of the way they shared them.

Some of their stories have been so imbedded in my memory, it’s only natural that I share them to others, now, with my dramatics, emphasis on what I think is important to me, my humour, my prejudices and so on.

This is how legends are born, folk law is created, wisdom is extracted and the human spirit lives on.

I’ve used story telling to build a brilliant ministry and career for over forty years as I practiced what was passed down to me by my family.

By story telling, I have identified with people from all walks of life. I have been given the privilege of audiences that span from a street person to business moguls, who open up to me about their life and struggles, all because of a story.

It’s not just about the facts.

Sharing your story, and we all have many stories inside us, connects us to the rest of the world.

We live in a virtual minefield of posts, snap chats, Twitter feeds, blogs, YouTube and podcasts, sharing facts, bits of info here and their, but how many do we remember. How many facts and bits of info create legends, folk law and wisdom gets extracted?

Story tellers are far deeper than the shallowness of a marketing pandemic, the need to share content in order to stay alive and significant.

Story tellers can change the world.

My favourite story teller beyond my family is Jesus, why? He shared simple parables to simple people that needed hope. By doing so in the way he did, he transformed lives and empowered them to make a difference.

His confidence and spirit were so gripping when he shared his vision with his audience, a handful of fishermen. “I will make you fishers of men” Jesus took people from where they were at in life and lifted their eyes to a higher calling, all through stories.

Your story is significant, in many ways yet to be told. Believe me when I say, people are hungry to hear an authentic story of hope. If you have hope, if you are optimistic about life, if you have a reason to get up in the morning, share it with a friend, family member, stranger… we can all do with some encouragement.

One Comment on “Your story is magnificent, share it in an uplifting way (242)

  1. Tom, story telling, I love listening to stories.
    Again god working. We have a new pastor at our church.
    He said he has many stories and shares them each week in worship. Praise Jesus

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