Critical Thinking is a God given attribute, don’t deify the attribute (243)

Critical Thinkers have an incredible ability to see things from many perspectives. They can draw conclusions, bring out unseen opportunities, while spitting out irrelevant information that others see as critical information.

Critical Thinkers in their formative years can come across as abrasive, know it alls. Like any immature process, if a Critical Thinker doesn’t embrace humanity with all its flaws and potential, they begin to deify their thought processes, thus making them void of future Critical Thought.

A Critical Thinker who seeks to remain pure in their endeavours will continue to see the world with all its possibilities. Three attitudes are required.

1. Stay inquisitive, no matter how much knowledge we believe we have.

2. Allow knowledge to flow from many sources. Sometimes what we seek can come from a person or experience completely opposite or foreign to us. Critical Thinkers leave all their prejudices at the door, especially when they sense breakthrough coming.

3. Give credit where it is due. There is nothing more welcoming when we hear words of gratitude from those who are thought leaders.

“This person showed me something that I never even thought of”

“I thought I was an expert in this field but after listening and watching how it can be done so much easier, I’m happy to start again”

A Critical Thinker in their purist form resembles a child like temperament, drinking in new bits of information with gusto and enthusiasm.

The greatest Critical Thinker in my world comes from the teachings of Jesus. There are too many examples to share, one just needs to read one of the four gospels to see that.

Jesus taught a most valuable foundational truth to seeing how the cosmos was framed and put together. He said “You must change the way you think and become like a child again”

Children don’t see what we adults have been forced to see, children see every possibility.

Perhaps take time to let go of everything you think you know and be open to a hundred or a thousand other possibilities. This is where Critical Thinkers thrive and come up with ideas that seem to fall out of the sky.

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