Hearing the nudging of God’s soft voice in our every day life as it leads us to the Promised Land (246)

It’s natural to want to live a life with minimal disruption, but life without the salt of adventure quickly kills the spirit.

What’s perhaps new to us isn’t necessarily new at all.

Entertaining ideas of starting a business, getting married, having children or travelling for a year are some of the most normal things humans can do, but for some it can be terrifying.

Being open to new ideas is what makes us grow in life. It’s when we settle before reaching any level of maturity, that we shrink emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

We end up building castles, with high walls and one gate, in some shape or form and then lock ourselves in.

Types of castles we build that have closed the door to new ideas.

1. Getting a job we hate and never moving on to find a career we love.

2. Being part of a community that has stopped in time. Your whole life revolves around the same people that are happy to settle, who have little appetite to grow the community into relevant significance.

3. Believe that you have reached your peak and it’s all down hill from here, nothing could be further from the truth.

Awakening the pioneer spirit, by allowing God’s voice to communicate in areas of our life we have shut down

A pioneer spirit develops an itch that is so irritating that it must be scratched to get relief.

A pioneer spirit is the one that day dreams of all sorts of possibilities.

A pioneer spirit believes retirement happens only when we reach the grave.

One of the most encouraging pictures of a pioneer spirit is so ancient, most wouldn’t know the story, but it is classic.

A man called Abram heard the voice of God to leave everything familiar to him and go to a land filled with possibilities. He was challenged to take his immediate family into a completely different environment and it was there that his destiny would be revealed.

Imagine that still small voice agitating you to leave your mother land, culture and extended family to a land that looks like a desert in the hope of finding an oasis.

Millions of people have done that throughout time, migrating across oceans to find a better life for themselves.

Abram being an early pioneer of this concept experienced a transformation of character during this journey. His name changed from Abram to Abraham, meaning ‘Father of Nations’. It was his response to obeying the still small voice of God that led to opportunities beyond his comprehension.

In life, we always have a choice to settle with what we think we know or be open to the spectator. Trusting the voice of God to take you through the desert until the oasis appears.

Can I encourage you to go outside the castle you’ve created around yourself and see the huge world waiting for your discovery. It may not feel safe, but it will awaken the pioneer spirit in you.

Your best days are always ahead of you.

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