Forgive & forgive & forgive until it’s contagious (244)

The moment forgiveness is released into the air, all sorts of transformations take place.

Forgiveness is a living thing, it’s not a thought process or a program. Just because people coexist, it doesn’t imply forgiveness has taken place. Some of the most angry and bitter people can coexist for years harbouring bitterness and resentment.

Being civil isn’t forgiveness, being civil externally prevents wars, but civility without forgiveness cannot bring about harmony.

Wether it’s a married couple or work colleagues or enduring friendships, forgiveness plays a huge role in creating harmony.

Tolerance to some is a form of forgiveness, as individuals see themselves as the measure of right and wrong, missing the freedom and power of harmony.

Civility & tolerance are often the last resorts before breakdown and bloodshed.

Forgiveness on the other hand seeks harmony as the last resort.

Forgiveness must start with someone willing to give in and let go of hurts, be they real or imagined. Forgiveness seeks to wipe the slate clean of all mistakes, conscious or unconscious.

If a marriage, family or relationships are is to go the distance where harmony is the end game for all parties, forgiveness is the only solution.

Some believe that just changing environments are the solution. Unfortunately we take our bitter heart with us wherever we go and we infect everyone along the way.

I know in my life, the greatest gift I’ve given myself is forgiveness, and in turn am able to pass it on to whoever I’m dealing with.

I know in my life, the hardest thing I’ve done is to forgive myself, grappling wether I deserved forgiveness.

I had no alternative, I wanted more than anything ‘HARMONY’. I got to a point where civility and tolerance was not enough, so I forgave myself first.

You can’t give what you haven’t got

For you and I to expect dramatic changes from others, I believe dramatic changes starts at home, in our own heart.

This is the foundation of why I trust in the teachings of Jesus so much, His whole message which has come to be known as the Good News, is all about forgiveness.

Forgive & forgive & forgive some more until it’s contagious. Live in a constant state of harmony with all those around you. If those around you are trapped in anger, civility or tolerance just to exist, be liberal with your forgiveness and let them catch what you have.

They need you perhaps more than you need them.

One Comment on “Forgive & forgive & forgive until it’s contagious (244)

  1. God continuing to work . I just had a conversation with a good friend the other day about this very thing. FORGIVING
    For what you have written about Tom, is so true.
    Thank you and god bless

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